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Easy-Ad Security Tower

$1899 USD single panel

3 years parts warranty and 5 years tech support by phone.

 Covers a 3 foot single doorway if placed on the handle side.  Covers a 6 ft doorway if placed in the middle (detects 3 foot to each side) or order another one to have a full 6 foot coverage with no tower in the middle. 


Lights appear at the top of the unit if the tower alarms a tag.  Poster size is 12" x 55 3/4" on slim style tower.  Self adjusting newer technology electronics avoid false alarms.  Up to 12 antennas can be connected without slave cables.  
Easy to place advertising posters can be custom made by you at any Staples Store.  Sell this advertising space to your name brand vendors for a monthly fee.  Make this system pay for itself in a very short time.
Can use an antiglare protective sheet to keep advertising fresh longer.


• Slim version holds posters in A3 size width

(29.7cm) and 139cm length (12” x 54 3/4”)

• Lockable Snap Panels for easy security

• Built in high powered Alarm LED’s & Buzzer

• Self adjusting antennas for superior range and

minimum false alarms

• Up to 12 antennas installed simultaneously

without additional components or

synchronization cables

• Relay output for external alarm or other

applications such as CCTV camera

• Set Frequency Available from 1.81-8.2MHz

• Durable aluminum construction

• 3 year parts warranty

5 year tech support by phone

EASy-Ad Slim

Poster Size: 29.7cm(A3) x 139cm

Visible: 27.5cm x 139cm

Material: Anodized aluminum.

Standard Frequencies: 1.81MHz, 2.0MHz,

3.25MHz, 4.6MHz, 4.8MHz, 8.2MHz

Height: 160cm Width: 37.2cm

Depth: 6.35cm Weight: aprox. 8kg

Power: 12V AC 500mA

Alarm: Variable tone and dual light

Ez-Ad stop shoplifting loss prevention EAS retail security system tower can be easily installed with a baseplate for no holes in your floor.  Ask for a quote or sample security tags today.


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