February 2016 Newsletter

Easter Rabbit

Get ready for Spring Break & Easter sales!

Planning ahead is crucial so that you have products secured, tagged and out for sale in plenty of time to get those seasonal sales.  March marks the season of spring break throughout the month with various types of schools out for the holiday.  Swimsuits and flip flops will be some of the hot items to tag. See samples below of how to tag these items.

Also Easter is on the heels of spring break with families buying a new set of clothes for the kids. Fancy dresses, cute little boy’s suits as well as new outfits for mom and dad are in order. I know when I was small we always looked forward to the new Easter wardrobe because we sometimes got matching shoes too!


I am in New Orleans now and heading for the Houston TX area.  If you need to reach me for tech help use my cell 812-201-5900.  I am visiting customers along the way so if you want me to drop in to see you just give me a call.



Mary Fouts

Mary Fouts

Tech Support

with over 25 years of experience

812-201-5900 cell




Tagging Challenges Summarized

Summer Shoes Kids flip flop shoes

Tagging Flip Flops & Kids Shoes

The problem with shoes and flip flops is that they get miss-mated (either on purpose or by mistake).  To keep this from happening you will want to tether the right and left shoe/sandal/flip-flop together using a security tag and a lanyard. Now they will ring if stolen and no one will try to miss-match them.


Protecting Swimwear

Tagging Swimwear & Fancy Dresses

Tags with lanyards are good for things you do not want to put a pin into.  You can, however, attach a tag with a pin to fine garments.  Use a non grooved pin and always insert the pin first then place the tag over the pin and squeeze.  This way you will not snag the fabric.  The threads in the fabric may separate a bit to accommodate the pin thus looking like a hole, but a diagonal tug of the fabric after tag is removed will re-align the threads so the garment is unaffected.

Best Ways to Store Your Labels

Labels when not being used should be wrapped in aluminum foil to keep them fresh and to keep them from deactivating.  Note that your deactivation pad can deactivate labels up to 12 inches above and below the pad.  Never set rolls of labels on your deactivation pad as it can deactivate the whole roll.  Never put a roll of labels on the shelf right below the deactivation pad as it can deactivate right through the shelf.

Susann Shanks

Susann Shanks


Security Specialist

with over 25 years of experience


Ways to tell if you have a bad label on your roll.

Red Dot on EAS Paper LabelBlack Lines on Blank LabelsMissing Labels are acceptable





Red Dot Marks The Spot

Some of our label manufacturers mark their bad labels with a red dot on the bar-coded area.  Do not use these red dot marked labels as they are out of frequency and not counted in your order of 2000 labels.

Black Lines on Blank Labels

Many manufacturers mark their blank labels with a black line down the middle of the blank security labels to indicate they are out of frequency and should not be used.  You are guaranteed 2000 good labels so sometimes the label rolls look smaller depending upon how many bad labels are on the roll.

Missing Labels is OK too

Newer label machines will actually peel off the bad label so if you see missing labels that is ok too.

Spring Break / Easter Specials

Super Cute Easter Bunny

Call today to get an EGG-ceptional deal just for wishing us a Happy Easter.