July 2015 Newsletter

Back to School Time

Yes, it’s that last minute rush for back to school clothes, backpacks and summer sales. We have a nice closeout on 8.2 MHz Maxi tags which are great for sweatshirts, jackets, jeans, bridal dresses, and heavier fall items.

Maxi tags are normally $0.35 (used with pin); but we are running a special for the next couple of weeks for $0.25 each. These ring single tower systems further away, because they have more antenna in them than the black mini tags. For our Sensormatic users see below for our super hero special on Super Tags!

My absence: Yes, I had emergency major surgery, but I am back at the office. My husband and I are looking forward to celebrating my 61st birthday on the island of Bimini in the Caribbean. I will be out of the office Aug. 26th through Sept. 7th. Part of this time, I will be traveling by train so I will be reachable by cell or text, but Aug. 31st – Sept. 2nd, I will be out of reach in Bimini. I will remind you again in next newsletter as this is a month away.

Mark and Mary Fouts

Mark & Mary Fouts

Merchandising and Tagging Backpacks for Sale

Backpacks today can be rather expensive so it is important to tag them well. Mini tags or pencil tags with lanyards work great. Putting a paper label inside them is also helpful as a backup tag.

White Sensor Tag
Black Sensor Tag

Backpack Policy For Your Store

Backpacks can be lined with foil!

With back to school shopping upon us, more people will be bringing backpacks and larger bags of school supplies into your store. Think about what your policy for bringing these items into your store will be. Sometimes these can be foil lined and used to shoplift.

Most customers, if asked to leave them at your counter while shopping, will gladly do so to free up their hands. You may want to tag backpacks with a numbered ticket that you can get at any office supply store (similar to coat check tags) to identify their bag when leaving the store. Be sure all of your employees know the policy and what to do if the customer refuses.

If you have any trouble with the shopping cart, we want to know

Web Design

Update: We are still working on the shopping cart. It seems American Express cards are still hesitating to process through the shopping cart, so if you do not get through the checkout process, just give us a call or send us an email so we can help you personally. We are still working on tweaking the shopping cart so your input is valuable to us. 800-934-7080

Verify your systems are working every day when you open!

Sensor in a Doorway

Have your manager run a tag through the system every morning to test to see that it is working properly. Sometimes wires get pulled or connectors get crushed causing a failure in your system. The only way to know it is not working is to test it.

Verify Deactivation Pads are working

DV-1000 Checkpoint tester

There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re having false alarms when it is really your deactivation pad not working properly. Have your store manager use a DV-1000 to test Checkpoint stop shoplifting disposable label deactivation pads. Hold it above the pad a few feet, push and hold the black button and lower the box slowly until the box squeals. This is the height the pad is sensing the tags.

We currently have a few of these DV-1000s available for sale. They are portable and run on a 9 volt battery. They are normally $150, but he have them on sale for $99 with free shipping while supplies last.


Our Super Hero Team brings you Super Specials

Double Sensor Tags

Sensormatic Super tags $.39 each while they last
(normally .50 each)

Checkpoint Maxi tags .25 each while they last
($.35 each normally)

FREE SHIPPING on next box of tags if you
send us a picture of your system in your doorway
to be used on our website or in our newsletter.

Email mary@sensortags.com or text a picture to 812-201-5900.
Don’t forget to include the name of your store!