July Newsletter 2016

Where did the summer go? Back to School is here almost.

Backpacks, school supplies, and new clothes for back to school is what I remember as a kid. We only got a new set of clothes for Easter, Christmas & back to school time. We got to pick out new shoes only at Christmas (a going to church pair) and back to school (a practical pair), usually tennis shoes for gym class. That is rolling back the clock a few years as I was in the class of “72”.
Enjoy our articles regarding the new triangle tag with lanyard, a good multipurpose tag with detection almost as good as a black mini tag. See our various tagging ideas. Also look for our article on how to better stop shoplifters and how to keep your towers in good shape for back to school too.

Now for my corny joke:
Luke comes home from his first day of school, and his mother asks, “What did you learn today?” (see answer at the bottom of the page)
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How to Avoid False Alarms

Store owners are sometimes concerned about placing the system 18 to 24 inches from the door frame to eliminate false alarms. They are worried about customers going around the system.

The easy solution:

Here is a beautiful picture of how a shop manager placed non metal items to block this from happening. It looks decorative but is very functional. Note that all the items are not metal.

New tag seen above (right 2 pictures) is a triangle tag with a lanyard attached. These are great for the nose piece of sunglasses. It’s detection is almost as good as the black mini tag seen to the left. Great to use on swimwear or leather goods to eliminate pin hole. In black, these ring the Checkpoint 8.2 MHz system. In white they ring 58 KHz Sensormatic frequency.

Free Samples are available on any of our tags. Just give us a call to request them. 812-877-9930 Office
Susann Shanks

Susann Shanks


Security Specialist

with over 25 years of experience


Cool New Stuff!

Closeouts – Moving inventory over to new warehouse.

Having and odds and ends sale so we do not have to move over to the new warehouse some of the items we only have a few of. Interested in some yard sale bargains? Give Susann a call and she will let you know what we have really cheap.

New Clear Plexi towers that bolt to your door frame.

For those customers in a small that have restrictions on your lease that you can not have conventional security towers, Sensortags Inc is working on a solution for you. Plexi-glass wings that attach to your door frame with screws. These are a bit more sensitive to noise in the electrical line so must be plugged into a dedicated circuit. Call us for more info if you have a need for this type system. 800-934-7080

Security for Any Budget

We have a special on 2.0 tags with a tower that will cover a single door (if placed on handle side of door) or a double door (if placed in the middle of a double doorway) + 4000 tags and 2 removers $1999.00 Great for a first time shop owner. These were the tags used originally at the Goodies Dept Stores. Tower is New with 1 yr warranty on parts and 5 yr tech support by phone. Is not compatible with disposable paper labels. It is a hard tags only system.

Back to School Special

Only have a few thousand left 500 to 1000 each style. Assorted styles left some not pictured. Great to use as the pin into a black mini tag as double protection for expensive jeans. Some have a longer pin that is good for mating with a knogo tag or ufo tag. Also longer pinned ones are good for thicker items like coats, blankets, carpet. Call before they are all gone!

Answer to Mary’s corny joke
Luke comes home from his first day of school, and his mother asks, “What did you learn today?”

“Not enough,” Luke replies. “They said I have to go back tomorrow.”
Submitted by Luke C., Somers, N.Y.
From the Boys Life Website