May 2015 Newsletter

Happy Memorial Day

Summer is a time to relax and enjoy time outdoors with friends and family. Lighter weight clothing needs to be secured with lighter weight tags. Hot summer days can overheat your security system. Take us up on free shipping for a picture of your security system. All this and more in this month’s newsletter.

We will be closed for Memorial Day which is next Monday May 25th! Place your order this week so we can get it in transit for you before the holiday.
Happy Memorial Day

Sensormatic Special

58khz Gator Tags while they last!

Gator Tags
Good news for those of you with Sensormatic towers … a closeout on ultramax gator tags (used) with pins. These were .45 each now only .195 each with pin. $195 per case of 1000 tags.

Note these will not work on Checkpoint frequency towers.  Only order these if you have a Sensormatic type system.  If in doubt just call us.

Summer Can Heat Up Your Towers

Sensor tower w/ sunblock.
Important: In the summer time if the towers have the sun shining on the side covers, the towers can overheat, causing false alarms. Think about place a strategic sign (open hours or specials) in the window to block the sunshine hitting the towers.
Don’t forget to spring clean your towers as boards full of dust can also overheat. An unused paint brush works well. Remove the side covers, unplug the system, and gently brush the electronics right and left, then up and down to remove loose dust. Plug the towers back in and check to be sure you have lights on your electronic board before placing the side covers back on. awarded Platinum Level by the Green Business Bureau received recognition for its efforts in recycling. As you know we recycle/refurbish stop shoplifting equipment. We are also careful to be “green” in our business, re-using boxes, shredding all junk mail & newspapers to use as packing material, recycling leftover materials, going away from disposable plates at lunchtime & planting a table top garden for fresh salads this summer.

Consider what you can do to help save the planet. The Green Business Bureau website can be an inspiration and give you some ideas of how you can easily incorporate some Green in your Business.

Here is a link if you care to read more or know more about the Green Business Bureau. It is a great organization to be associated with.

Click here to see a link to the Green Business Bureau

Upcoming on Our Website

Watch for an update on our website, a new video coming about how to close up the cloth separation (looks like a hole) that is sometimes caused by the pin of a security tag, without hurting the garment. This hole appears from tags that have been on garments for an extended period of time or from the weight of a heavier tag.

The website,, seems to be working well but we do welcome new pictures of installations.

If you send us a picture of your storefront with the security system in place to be used in our advertising and website, we will give you free shipping on your next case of security tags.

Send your pictures to or text to 812-201-5900 and reference your store name and this article please.


Longhorn - John Lopez

No bull… John Lopez is creating life-sized animals from old farm scrap & equipment. This is something cool Susan saw on the internet. Congratulations to Mr. Lopez on this beautiful recycling effort!
Click here to see more of his amazing work!