Sensortags Spring Cleaning Sale


Take advantage of our spring cleaning sale, especially if you are planning on upgrading a security unit or opening a new store that needs security towers.

2 pillar security towers for single 3 ft doorway

Includes: 2 pillar 8.2 system refurbished (various see below) Baseplate to make it self standing
1 remover to detach hard tags
500 hard tags for clothing
100 lanyards to attach hard tags to items that can not be pinned such as leather purses, shoes etc.
Our price $1420.oo Spring Cleaning special $999 “only 4 units left at this price

Plexi Style Security Tower 8.2

1 tower plexi style 8.2 Mhz system
1 baseplate to make it self standing
1 remover for hard tags
500 hard tags
100 lanyards
Our Price $1920.oo
Spring Cleaning special $1500
Buy Now while current inventory is available


Big savings on our spring cleaning clearance.

Above 2 pillar refurbished towers are an assortment of towers we are liquidating to make room for current inventory coming in. All are 8.2 MHz, checkpoint frequency, some have lights at top some do not. Please check with salesperson the exact one you will receive. 800-934-7080 call before this savings gets away. Offer Expires once current inventory is depleted.