September Newsletter 2016

September Newsletter 2016

Can you believe “Fall” is officially here! With Halloween around the corner, read Susann’s
section on how to prepare for the nightmare of Halloween in your store. Just below is a link to
our new training video on how to fix “holes in garments” caused by tagging in 30 seconds or
less. This is a must see for all your employees. Check out tagging ideas for fall goods and
of course the monthly specials at the end of the newsletter. Especially the one for a FREE
DV-1000 to the first caller who places an order and lets us know they saw the below ad.
Note: we now have 2 inch labels available and in stock as well as special prices on labels til
Oct. 10th.

Mary Fouts
–Mary Fouts
Tech Support
with over 25 years of experience
812-201-5900 cell

Educational Video Now Available for Your Staff
We now have a short video you can use to train your employees about “holes left in garments by security tags” and how to fix it in 30 seconds or less Learn More

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Fall Tagging Challenges ….

Hoodies and light weight jackets
For best results, use a larger tag such as a maxi tag. If it is an expensive item double tag (hard tag on sleeve and paper label up inside the garment).

Fall boots and shoes
Try our new triangle tag with lanyard forsome of your boots with trim or eyelets. It rings almost as good as a black mini but is half the size.

Black Mini Tag – Mini Jewelry tag & triangle tag with lanyard.
The mini tag is aprox. 2 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches in size. The triangle tag as you can see is much smaller and the lanyard is attached. The white mini jewelry tag also comes with a lanyard (detachable) and attaches easily to jewelry, zipper pulls, and smaller items.

Maxi Tag
The maxi tag is aprox. 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ and is great for coats and jackets. Sometimes thieves will try to wrap the coat around the tag so that it does not ring the system. This tag is hard to defeat as it has a larger coil inside that is picked up easier by the security towers.

Pepare for the Nightmare of Halloween …

Susann Shanks

Susann Shanks


Security Specialist

with over 25 years of experience

Unmask The Customers

What are you going to do if children, teens or adults come into your store in full costume with masks on? Many stores will put up signage that costumes are ok but masks are not allowed in the store. This avoids possible masked holdups or shoplifters that can not be identified.

Double Tag Name Brand Goods

Surprise your shoplifters by double tagging. An ink tag pinned into a hard tag will slow them down trying to remove hard tags. A paper label inside the garment and a hard tag outside the garment is another good way of double tagging. If the shoplifter manages to pry off the hard tag, the paper label will still secure your products.”

Halloween Gift Basket

Get a cute Halloween Gift Basket online or make up one yourself and have a drawing. Let kids who come in costume have an extra drawing ticket. Make it fun and exciting for the little kids. You could also make it so that the customer had to leave full name, address, email and phone number so you get a customer list to promote to later.

The DV1000 Deactivation Verifier offers a simple way to determine if an RF label deactivator is performing properly. The compact, hand-held unit alerts the user when it detects adequate signal strength required to deactivate a checkpoint one time use paper label with a simple push button operation.

Limited Quantity Available
$150 Checkpoint price
Our price while they last $75 each
One FREE to first caller who places and order with us and mentions this ad!

September Monthly Specials: Good now til October 10th, 2016
1. A few coupons still available for $100 off of a security system purchase.
2. Sensormatic Hand Held Removers (normally $75) Sept Special $50 each while our supply of used ones holds up.
3. Checkpoint paper label special (normally .04 each) now til the end of the month only .03 each. on 1 1/2″ as well as 2″ size labels.