3 Pillar Checkpoint Security System


Checkpoint™ 3 Tower Doorway Security System

Checkpoint™ 8.2Mhz 3 Pillar Doorway Security Pillars

Refurbished 3 tower Checkpoint Stop shoplifting security system, used for a 6 ft doorway.

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Checkpoint 3 tower security system for double doorway

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Product Description

This 3 pillar checkpoint security system is refurbished, made in the USA.  Perfect to secure a double door or six foot opening, this three pillar configuration forms an easy three foot entrance with a 3 foot exit.  This tower configuration will pick up the smallest of tags and labels the best of any system available.  We also offer a 6 foot base-plate for easy installation (see our other product listings).  The base plate hides the interconnecting wires and makes the whole system self standing so there are no holes in your floor at all. As a refurbished unit these towers carry a 5 year tech support by phone package and a 6 months parts warranty.  An additional years parts warranty is also available at a reasonable price… see other product listings.  Parts are also generally available for purchase once the warranty has run out.

This 3 Pillar 8.2 MHz Checkpoint Security System Refurbished is perfect for a pharmacy that is using paper label tags, or an optometry shop that is using smaller hard tags, or a jewelry store that is using the smaller jewelry hard tags with lanyards.  Wheelchair accessible, this unit passes the disability act laws.

Made in the USA this unit, new retailed for over $4000




Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 67 × 23 × 6 in

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