Retail Security Systems

Shoplifting is a concern for business owners throughout the year. Business owners must protect themselves by ensuring that they have a security system that works. Sensortags Inc provides security towers which monitor the doorways and alert employees when merchandise is leaving the store without the appropriate processing.

Security tags prevent shoplifters from stealing valuable merchandise by resonating at a frequency that alerts the security towers when an item is being stolen. The security system then lights up and makes a loud noise to alert the staff that someone is attempting to steal an item and the appropriate authorities can be called. Items are protected with many different types of security tags including ink tags, eyeglass tags, pencil security tags, barcode labels, checkpoint alarming butterflies and cigarette labels.

These tags are placed on the items when checked into inventory.

Sensortags Inc also provides magnetic detachers, label deactivators and countertop deactivators. Each cash register station should have at least one detacher and deactivator. These allow the employees to turn off the single use tags or remove the tags before the merchandise leaves the store.

Be sure your business is protected with these anti-theft devices.

Security Towers


Checkpoint, Sensormatic, Ketec, Sentech, WG & other brands. Single Door Solutions, Double Door Solutions, Mall Entrances (multiple towers) as well as “Invisible” security solutions.

Security Tags


Hard Security Tags 8.2 MHz (Checkpoint compatible), 58 KHz (Sensormatic compatible), 9.2 MHz (Video Store Freq.), 4.6 MHz (low freq.), 2.0 MHz (Knogo compatible), 1.8 MHz (older checkpoint compatible, Ink Tags & Disposable Labels.

Detachers & Deactivators


Standard Magnetic Removers, Superlock Magnetic Removers, Golf Tag Removers, Supertag Removers, Ultramax Tag Removers, Disposable label deactivation pads (both Checkpoint & Sensormatic).



Lanyards (to attach hard tags to items without pins), Versities, Pin Lanyards, Double Loop Lanyards, P-clamps, Extra Pins (flat headed, smooth, grooved, & cone headed).