Stop Shoplifting Tips

Anti Shoplifting Devices Advice: Stop Shoplifting and Improve Loss Prevention

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Discourage loitering and when the store is crowded, encourage employees to circulate and offer help customers.

Advertise against shoplifting, post warning signs indicating a strict shoplifting policy in corners, dressing rooms, from door, hidden spots that may be hard to watch.

Where possible fasten down small racks and display cases.

Avoid tall display counters that obstruct your view, have racks and shelving in store in rows set so you can see every spot which might look blocked or hidden in your view.

Present merchandise in such a way that customers can easily see it and you can easily see the customer.

Avoid narrow, cluttered aisles. Thieves prefer working under the cover of a crowd.

If the merchandise you are selling comes in pairs, only display one of a pair. Arrange unprotected valuables neatly, so that any missing item will be quickly noticed.

Keep more expensive items locked in heavy floor style display cases, keep employees on hand at all time to help customers if they want to see something out of the case. Also keep valuable merchandise away from store exits.

If you suspect a shoplifter, pay this individual a lot of attention. A customer will be flattered, a thief is likely to rush off.

In combination with these tips one of the best ways to stop shoplifting is to put a EAS stop shoplifting security system in place at the entrance of your store. Tag all items in store with alarming security tags that will ring if anyone try’s to take merchandise out of the store without paying for them and having the security tag removed. To get more information about these anti theft stop shoplifting security systems and tags please visit one of the links below:

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