Why purchase a shoplifting prevention system?

The act of taking merchandise from a store without paying for it is known as shoplifting. Because shoplifting is such a problem, U.S. retailers lose billions of dollars in merchandise each year. This hurts not only the retailers, but the loss of revenue and cost also gets passed down to the regular customers. EAS security systems such as the ones on this site are helping retailers to combat the ever growing shoplifting epidemic. Purchasing one of these security systems will be an investment for the retailer that will make up for their cost by saving them thousands of dollars. If read this should help you to determine which security system will best fit your needs.

Key Factors In Choosing the right anti theft system.

How many door ways do you have?

Be sure to have all of your entries and doors secured. Make sure to also secure all merchandise in your store. You may call toll free 800-934-7080 from 10-4pm eastern time and one of our security specialist will assist you in deciding which security gates will work best  for you. If you purchase a system from us, you will also receive 5 years tech support via telephone if you should need any help with the unit.

How wide is your door?

Shoplifting gates and towers can detect hard tags and labels within a certain distance of the towers. If you have a very wide entrance way, you may need additional towers to ensure the entire path is secured.

What type of merchandise do you sell?

What type of items you sell will determine which kind of anti theft accessories you will need. Disposable paper labels and hard tags are the most common alarming tags used.