Ebony II – Store Package Deal

$2,288.00 $1,999.00

LIMITED TIME OFFER – $2288 $1999 Ships from USA

The Ebony 2 system by Sensortags Inc secures the doorway of a 3 to 5 foot wide entrance/exit for retail stores. Backed by our 2 year parts warranty and 5 years of phone technical support, this is the top system used in retail stores.

Includes the following items

*Transmitter and Receiver Security Tower System (TX-RX) $1499

*1000 Black Mini Tags with Pins $250

*2 Standard Removers $100

*1000 Paper Labels $40

*1 Super Deactivation Pads $299

The Ebony 2 also includes a manual, tuning adjustment tool and phone support to setup the system along with the 2 years of parts warranty and 5 years of phone support.

Product Description

Transmitter and Receiver Security Tower System (TX-RX)

This TX-RX security tower system works well in most environments securing a retail store’s entrance or exit. Each tower is place on each side of the entrance and secures the walking path of customers. The Ebony II can be used on single doors 3′ or 4′ or up to 5′ in width or on double doors set at 5 ft apart when using paper labels and/or hard tags. These towers also will alarm 2-3 feet outside of the doorway to ensure that customers don’t walk around them, fully securing the entrance. Please ensure that you do not have any metal within 3 feet to the right or left of the entrance when installing the TX-RX system.  Best results are acquired if used with a dedicated breaker, however many stores have used them with a dedicated outlet only as long as there is not too much electrical noise on the line.  Also a powervar line filter can be used to eliminate noise in the line (we carry these at a reduced price if you find you need one).

1000 Black Mini Tags with Pins

These custom designed tags are smaller tags, to reduce visibility to customers when placed on products. They are designed to reach up to 5-6 feet  between the towers on this TX RX unit.

2 Standard Removers

The super removers are designed to make it simple to remove tags from clothing with minimal effort. Simply place the garment on the magnetic super remover and pull on the pin to remove it from the tag. The super remover has a very large magnetic field to pull the pins easily off of clothing.  It is stronger than most other detachers in the market.  It is important to have 2 removers just in case something happens to one of them it does not close your store down.  It costs less to own an extra detacher than to close down the store and loose sales and pay the cost to next day a replacement.

1000 Paper Labels

Paper labels are easy to sick on almost any surface to secure the item. When a shoplifter tries to leave with the product these paper labels will ring the TX-RX system with high accuracy to minimize product loss. The paper labels can be barcoded or blank based on your specifications. Most customers prefer barcoded labels because it disguises the label so it appears to be for pricing or inventory management so not suspected to be security. Please remember with all paper labels they are one time use labels and once deactivated cannot be used again.

1 Super Deactivation Pad

The super deactivation pad allows your employees to deactivate the paper labels from up to 2 feet above the pad. The deactivation pad will light up and make a beeping sound when the label has been deactivated.  This also works as a verification to be sure the hard tag has been removed from a garment.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 55 × 18 × 4 in

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