Security Tag Pins Flat


These 16 mm pins can be purchased separately because most stores will lose, bend, or pitch 5 to 10% of their pins each year. Boxed 1000 these pins can be ordered as smooth or grooved. We will typically ship smooth if you do not indicate which style you want. These are the standard pin used in the black mini tags and are compatible with most magnetic lock type tags. See also our longer 19mm pins if you have a need for a longer pin inorder to attach your tag to a rug, boot or shoe.

Product Description

Security Tag Pins Flat

Security Tag Pins Flat are packed 1000/box.  These flat headed pins come in smooth and grooved style. Some prefer the grooved as they tend to catch better in the magnetic clutch. Others prefer the smooth as they feel it is easier on the fabric of the garment being tagged. Many retail shop owners feel that flat headed pins are more comfortable for the customer when trying on as they lay flat against the body , and the customer can not feel them.These pins can be purchased separately as you will generally damage or lose 5-10% of your pins per year.  Smaller quantities of pins can be ordered if you call Sensortags at 800-934-7080.

These flat headed security tag pins are made of stainless steel.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

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