March 2016 Newsletter





Yes it is hard to believe that Spring is here already.  This reminds me of home when Mom used to drag out all the cleaning supplies and announce “spring cleaning” time had arrived.  This was the one time a year that the house had no dust bunnies left from Easter and you could eat off the floor!

Now is the time to consider spring cleaning your security system.  See article below on how to do this so your electronics last longer.  Also if your system is 5 years old or older consider upgrading as we have new equipment with much better detection and special features that were not available back then. Remember your computer from 5 years ago.  You would have a hard time working with a 5 year old computer in today’s fast paced world.  The same is with a 5 year old system, especially if you purchased it used.

I am back home again in Indiana.  If you need to reach me for tech help use my direct office line 812-877-9442 or my cell 812-201-5900.  I look forward to assisting you with your security needs.

Trying on Masks in New Orleans!

Mary Fouts

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Cleaning your system takes just 10 minutes or so. 




Unplug your system first.  Open the side covers at the bottom and with a small 2 inch paint brush that has not been used, brush the electronics up and down gently then side to side.  This will knock all the loose dust bunnies from Easter out.  Use a damp cloth to wipe down the base of the tower (not the electronics), then put the side covers back on and plug in the tower.  Spring cleaning in 10 minutes!  This will help to keep your electronics from overheating due to the dust accumulation.


New Technology Available NOW














The Euro Diamond I Series Tower 8.2

A very elegant private label brand that is made of clear plexi and stainless steel. The clear tower lights up red and rings an alarm when a tag is detected. The Euro Diamond I detects both right and left of tower with good accuracy. This is a nice solution for upscale retailers. The stand alone baseplate can be provided for a “no holes in floor” installation. Checkpoint tags are compatible and the warranty is 2 years parts with 5 years tech support by phone.

The Ebony II Series Towers 8.2

These incredible towers will detect both hard tags and paper labels between the towers at a distance of 3 ft, 4ft 5ft + apart. Testing now being done at 6ft for double doors. Locked side covers are much easier to service than unscrewing a side panel and lights on the tower box let you know if you have power to the towers without taking off the side covers. These towers are typically wired with a power supply on each tower eliminating the wires that would run across your entrance. Each tower can be put on a single baseplate so that the distance between towers can easily be changed. These towers are compatible with with checkpoint tags. Two year parts warranty and 5 year tech support by phone included.


The Ebony I Series Tower 8.2

Detects tags both to the right and to the left of the tower. Two can be used to secure a double doorway. Multiples can be used for wide mall entrances. Also compatible with Checkpoint frequency tags with a warranty of 2 years for parts and 5 years for tech support.








Susann Shanks


Security Specialist

with over 25 years of experience

Tower Troubles Resolved

Tower too Close to Door

With spring cleaning, sometimes an employee will move your tower to mop the floor and forget to move it back. Towers generally need to be 18 to 24 inches into the store away from the metal doorway.





Mannequins too Close

Mannequins usually have a heavy metal rod and base that can cause false alarms with the systems. Keep them 3 ft or more away from the tower. Also a customer can hang a handbag that is tagged on your mannequin driving you nuts till you figure it out. Also employees can change up the display and the mannequin can be dressed with a tagged item causing false alarms as well.






Not a Dedicated Line

The towers will always do better on a dedicated electrical line (all the way back to the breaker), because anything plugged into the same circuit with them can affect your towers. If your towers are not on a dedicated line you may notice things like, when you vacuum the towers false alarm, or certain times of the day they false alarm due to some other equipment being used. The way to offset this if you can not run a dedicated line is to use a Power-var line filter. We have them in stock.


Spring Break / Easter Specials

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