December 2015 Newsletter

Newsletter December 2015


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2016


Hope your holiday was bright and merry. We were blessed to have out daughter and her family from Texas as well as our son from California home for the holidays. The pitter-patter of grand-kids filled the air to make the season even more fun. Our matriarch (my 91 yr old mom) presided over the blessing of food and the handing out of home made cookies.

Sorry this December newsletter is a bit late in getting to you, but there is so much to let you know about. See our info on cool new products that are coming in 2016 to make your efforts to stop shoplifters even easier.

Not Sure what security equipment you need? Click the quote button above, or ask us for our free booklet on how to choose the right security system for your store.

Clear Euro Security System

Stylish Design

Clear Euro Security System

New European styling makes this clear plexi a go to for fine boutiques. When alarming the plexi lights up red, making it very noticeable that someone is shoplifting. Soon to be available for those who want to upgrade their stores’ design.


Great New Concept for 2016

A mat that can trigger tags

Not in production yet, this great idea with 8 patents will be available in 2016. I will be with the inventor and seeing the prototypes this winter. A self install-able mat that will trigger tags that ring. Yes, the tag, not the mat is what rings. This will use a special tag that continues to ring as the item is taken out of the store. It will be a bit hard to explain why the item you have is emitting an alarm as you run out of a store! We’ll keep you posted on this new item as it goes into production in 2016.


What is wrong with this picture?

Yes, you guessed it! There is metal too close to the system. The back wall is all metal (but of course this is not set in the doorway so a bit of a tricky to guess… maybe just testing towers before putting them in the doorway). Also the power supply is too close. Any power supply needs to be at least three feet away from towers.


False Alarms

Although they have done a good job of keeping the system 18″ away from the door frame, the placement of the mannequins can be a problem. Most of them have a heavy metal rod that goes up one of the legs that can cause false alarms. Also if a mannequin is dressed with an item that has a tag still on it accidentally, it could drive you nuts trying to figure out it is just your model’s sweater causing the problem.

Three Other Ways to Stop Shrink


Test your new candidates for bad habits. Pre-screening tools such as integrity tests have been shown to reduce theft and turnover by staggering amounts: 35% and 13% respectively, according to a 2006 study by Krohe. Include simple multiple choice personality tests and integrity screening tools as the first step of your online application to weed out unsuitable candidates before their application even reaches your desk. Be aware that an applicant may still be able to cheat the system by retaking the test until he passes, and some concern still exists about the validity of these tests as predictors of behavior.

Reference Checks

Based on the premise that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, reference checks help identify areas of concern in the candidate’s prior work habits. Don’t just accept the references the candidate wants to provide. Instead, require the applicant to provide at least one reference — ideally his supervisor or manager — for each job he held over a certain period of time, such as the last five years. The number of jobs in itself can give you a clue to the applicant’s propensity for quick turnover. Carefully review the reasons the applicant said he left past employment and verify these with the applicable reference.

The Interview

Use the interview to ask more in-depth questions aimed at finding out if an employee will steal or leave the company prematurely. Overt questions such as “Where do you see yourself in five years?” are a fairly common and an applicant might have prepared for. Ask the applicant to respond to various hypothetical situations or tell you about his past experiences to get a less-scripted answer. Find out how motivated the employee is to remain in the job. An employee who is extremely interested in the position as a career choice is more likely to stay than an employee who sees the job as a stop-gap on the way to something else.

One Cent Sale!

One Cent Sale!

One Cent Sale!

Security Specialist, Susann Shanks, wants to share with you the 1 cent sale going on Monday Jan 4th to Jan 15th. You will get 1 cent off of any black mini tags or ultramax (gator or supertags) ordered. A nice savings for those of you planning on new store openings for 2016.

Susann Shanks
Susann Shanks
Security Specialist

Just a heads up, we will be in Florida this winter, the Orlando area and also near Tampa. Then we’re heading to Panama City Beach and New Orleans to visit with customers and check out their stores. After that we will be in the Houston area for a couple of weeks before heading home. If you would like us to visit your store please give Mary a ring on her cell or text her a note 812-201-5900. We will take the office tech line with us 812-877-9442 but Mary’s cell is probably the easier way to reach her for tech support. If reception is poor just send a text as they usually come in even under difficult environments. Mark, Mary & everyone at Sensortags thanks you for doing business with us and wishes you a Blessed New Year!


Mark & Mary Fouts Sensortags Inc

Mark & Mary Fouts
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