2 Pillar Checkpoint Towers Refurbished


Checkpoint™ 8.2Mhz 2 Pillar Security System

Checkpoint 2 Pillar System Full 6 month warranty included

  • Five year technical support by phone with trained technicians
  • No sales tax if shipped outside the state of Indiana

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Qs2000 or Quicksilver Checkpoint Security Towers for single doorway 3 foot width.

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Product Description

2 Pillar Checkpoint Towers Refurbished

2 Pillar Checkpoint Towers Refurbished

6 months parts warranty & 5 years tech support by phone.

  • STOP SHOPLIFTERS … great for single doorways (2 pillar) or double doorways with 3 pillars.
  • BASE PLATE Optional… No holes in floor self installation saves you $250 per hour onsite installation.
  • DETECTS BOTH HARD TAGS & PAPER LABELS … Easy to tag both apparel & boxed or gift items.
  • RETAIL STORE FREQUENCY OR VIDEO FREQUENCY … Can be custom tuned for your particular store needs.

This is the most accurate system for smaller tags and labels.  Best if your door opens out to the street not into the store.  If your door opens inward you need to choose a single tower type tower or move the system into the store 4 1/2 feet.  This keeps the towers from being hit by the swing of the door.  These towers are set 18″ in from the door frame or at least 18″ from the swing of the door.  You can bolt these into the floor or order the optional base plates for a “no holes in the floor” easy self installation.

Sometimes called QS2000 or Quicksilver, these towers can be configured to work on 2 small base-plates (optional) plugged into power separately with no wires between them, or set on a 3 foot base plate (optional) with the interconnecting wires for power running underneath the base plate.  Once you order, we will contact you to confirm which way you want them set up. The 2 pillar checkpoint security towers refurbished (used) is great for a smaller store with not much space in the front of the store.


Additional information

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 6 × 67 in

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