58Khz Sky Guard System


The Sky-GuardTM has no obtrusive side panels or pedestals; the system is installed on the door frame or mall entrance walls for openings up to 8×12 feet. External installations include complementary molding for an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Install kit for Skyguard System Basic: off white molding strips with mounting brackets $499, and custom install kit: molding strips painted to your custom color with mounting brackets $1200. The invisible Sky-GuardTM System solves the dilemma faced by store designers who may have to make concessions for the appearance of a security tagging system. In addition there is no need to adjust the electronics because of the different size opening due to the fuzzy logic technology; adaptive control software and self-tuning electronics and DSP technology, which always reads the environment for noise and re-calculates. This allows the Sky-GuardTM to operate at its maximum performance while preventing shoplifting and retail loss prevention.

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Product Description

58khz Sky Guard System

58 khz Sky Guard System is a software driven EAS system that works in combination with any 58Khz tag or label. When the presence of a 58Khz tag is identified, the system will alarm. The Sky-GuardTM system can operate at a higher level of sensitivity, resulting in an excellent detection capability. Our basic system can detect tags or labels in openings up to 8ft wide and 8ft high and must be professionally installed ($2500 to $3500 install cost depending upon location and entrance. Call for a personalized quote).

  • Digital signal processing
  • Self tuning electronics
  • Remote handheld controller
  • Simple to install
  • Built in alarm
  • FCC, CE and UL certified
  • Detects EAS tags & labels operating at 58Khz
Technical Data Metric (mm) Imperial (inches)
System Length 535 21
Height 70 2.7
Width 138 5.4
Weight 10 10
Active Antenna Width 200 7.8
Length 800 31.5
Thickness 25 1
Power 200-250vac 110vac
Tag Detection Distances

6×6 ft
(1.8×1.8 m)
8×8 ft
(2.4×2.4 m)
8×10 ft
(2.4×3 m)
8×12 ft
(2.4×3.6 m)

WG Micro Pencil X X
Mid Pencil X X
Super Pencil X X X X
Shell X X X X
Alarming Ink X X
Alarming Eyeglass X X
DR Label X X
Super Sensor X X X X

Sensormatic Super Tag X X X
Ultra Gator X X X
DR Label X X
LE Label X X

On a more technical note:  This system is made up of 2 sets of wires.  One loops around the doorway and goes buried into the floor at the entrance to make a transmitter.  The other loop outside of the transmitter rectangular wire and is the receiver.  The whole thing can be covered or painted to match current colors in order to hide it.  There are only a couple of small boxes on each side of the doorway that need painted or disguised.  The store is responsible for providing the floor cuts for wiring and grouting lines.  Please look at pictures to get an idea of how a finished install looks. Thank you for looking at our retail loss prevention and stop shoplifting equipment

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 67 × 23 × 6 in

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