August Newsletter 2016

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The Rio Games have ended on a High Note

46 Gold Metals
37 Silver Metals
38 Bronze Metals

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Congratulations to all of our Olympians! I included a link to the Google page that details who won which metals in case you were too busy to follow the games and needed an update. Back to school is over and everyone has those school supplies that are left on a fast discount sales rack by now. Labor Day is fast approaching. Fall jackets and winter coats are starting to appear on store racks now.

Our office will be closed Monday Sept. 5th in honor of Labor Day. As usual I will have my cell on me in case of any tech support emergencies. 812-201-5900.
Mark your calendars… I will be out on the high seas so out of reach for tech support Oct 17 to 22nd, 2016. My husband is taking me from Galveston TX to Cozumel and the Yucatan by ocean liner as a birthday celebration, and to see my daughter in TX that is going to have another baby…. her 3rd child (our 7th grandchild).
We have decided to explore Texas this winter and meet with some of our TX customers Jan – Mar, 2017. So if you are in Texas please let us know if you want us to visit your store and say hi, and look at your system while we are there, as I am starting to plan out our trip map.

Mary Fouts
–Mary Fouts
Tech Support
with over 25 years of experience
812-201-5900 cell
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tower tags to avoid false alarm

How to Avoid False Alarms

1. Turn the tower 90 degrees so the wide part of the tower is facing the door. This way the tower is detecting tags toward the door and into the store. If it stops false alarming then you know the problem is to the right or left of the tower. Usually it is a tagged item or metal item too close to the tower that causes this problem.2. If the tower is still false alarming once turned 90 degrees then grab the tower at the top and lower it to the floor. If it stops false alarming on the floor and rings tags if put above it, then the problem is something causing an electronic signal 8.2 MHz in the air such as a
florescent bulb that is going out, a compressor on a cooler, or some other electronic device. You can raise the tower up off the floor little at a time to see when it starts to false alarm. The signal is at the height that the tower starts to false alarm at.3. If the tower continues to false once on the floor then the problem lies in the electrical area. The tower may need the sensitivity lowered or the electrical connection may have too much interference. The tower will feel all the electrical noise of any other devices plugged into the same breaker with it (yes not just the outlet but the whole breaker). A powervar can be added to clean up noise and interference. The model that works well is about $300 but we have refurbished ones at $150 available most of the time. Contact tech support and we can walk you through an adjustment on your system. 812-877-9442 tech support.

The easy precaution

Have your store manager walk a security tag through the towers every morning to be sure they are still plugged in and working. Sometimes customers will pull on a cord or break a connector by stepping on it. This does not happen too often. It is better to test and know that the unit is OK, rather than finding out a month later, when shoplifters figured out it was not working and and took advantage.
maxi tags on fall / winter jackets and coats.
Time to start thinking about fall jackets, hoodies and winter coats coming into your store to be tagged. These heavier materials make it easier for the shoplifter to wad them up around the tag to try to block the signal. A larger tag can defeat this problem. We suggest maxi tags on fall / winter jackets and coats. The mini tag is 1 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ approx and the maxi is 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ Free Samples are available on any of our tags. Just give us a call to request them. 800-934-7080 or 812-877-9930 Office
Susann Shanks

Susann Shanks


Security Specialist

with over 25 years of experience

Customer Stories as told to our staff

Upgrading our 15 year old system finally.

A valued customer said … It was nice to connect up with Sensortags Inc. We had purchased our system refurbished 15 years ago and I had lost track of where we had purchased it. It finally was on its last leg so I went to the internet and found you again. You found my records of where I had purchased it in 01 and even offered me a trade-in to upgrade it. We are so excited to get our new refurbished system as our old one served us well.

We’ve got your back.

One customer had a system they bought from us some 4 or 5 years ago. They moved their store and had some difficulty setting it up in the new store so they called us. Our techs helped get them up and running right over the phone in a few minutes. The customer commented “I am so glad I bought my system from”

Amazing Tech Support

Many of our customers appreciate our quick response and easy solutions included with the purchase of a system. Sensortags does its tech support by phone for free. Other companies charge $250 an hour with a 3 hour minimum and make you wait 2 weeks for a tech to get there. Not to say that there is sometimes a more difficult situation that requires waiting on parts, but for the most part Sensortags’ tech support is amazing.

Labor Day Special

Lanyard Clearance now only .15 each
Lanyard Clearance now only .15 each
(Normally .25 each )
Yes we are running a Labor Day Special on Lanyards. This includes our double loop lanyards, our pin lanyards (pictured above) and our all metal
ball end lanyards. Sale ends the 15th of Sept. or earlier if we run out.