Duo Guard Stop Shoplifting 2 Pillar System


$2250 two pillar application for double door covers 3 feet (another tower can be added to cover 6 ft double doorways).

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Hard tags .25 ea new or .20 used

Disposable labels retail store .04 each 8.2 MHz or video store .06 ea 9.5 MHz (non deactivatable)

Deactivation unit for 8.2 MHz disposable labels $699 new or $299 used with warranty

Standard Detacher for hard tags $50

Stronger Detacher for hard tags $75

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Product Description

Duo Guard Stop Shoplifting 2 Pillar System

The Duo Guard Stop Shoplifting 2 Pillar System is a new 8.2 MHz Checkpoint frequency system that will protect a single 3 foot door.  It comes with a base plate for an easy “no holes in floor” installation.

  • NEW 2 YEAR WARRANTY … Free no hassle tech support by telephone.
  • STOP SHOPLIFTERS … great for single doorways (2 pillar) or double doorways with 3 pillars.
  • BASEPLATE … No holes in floor self installation saves you $250 per hour onsite installation.
  • DETECTS BOTH HARD TAGS & PAPER LABELS … Easy to tag both apparel & boxed or gift items.
  • RETAIL STORE FREQUENCY OR VIDEO FREQUENCY … Can be custom tuned for your particular store needs.

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Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 61 × 11 × 12 in

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