January 2017 Newsletter

Just Say No to Shoplifters

Just Say No to Shoplifters

WSend us a picture of you with a sign: “Just Say No to Shoplifters” in your store by your security towers, and you will be entered in a drawing for a free deactivation pad. We intend to publish some of the photos in our newsletter and on our website. Get creative and have fun. Email pictures to mary@sensortags.com Enter the drawing today for a FREE $299 deactivation pad for your store.

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New Deactivation Pads

Deactivating paper label alarms is easier with our new smaller “alarming” super deactivation pad. It will deactivate labels in the air space above it for up to 10- 12 inches or so. It also acts as a verifier to be sure the hard tags are removed from items before the customer leaves. Hard tags are not deactivated by this equipment but will alarm the pad. $299 each The new low profile standard pad will deactivate paper labels when they are touched to the pad. This pad does not have a ringer so it will not alarm if a hard tag is present, but it is half the price of the super pad if price is an issue. $150 each

Service Delays & Cold Weather issues

It is important to remember during this time of year UPS has a lot of service delays due to the extreme weather conditions so be sure to order your products with plenty of anticipation.If ordering towers, be sure to allow them a day to warm up to room temperatures before plugging them in. Plugging in a very cold tower can cause damage to the electronics.

False alarming can occur more than usual during the winter weather, so if you need assistance tuning down the sensitivity of your unit, please contract our technical support at 812-877-9442 or reach Mary directly by texting 812-201-5900 a picture of your towers so she can help you.

Coming Soon …. New Updated Customer Referal Program Information!