June Newsletter 2016

Celebrating Independence Day

Monday after next — Happy 4th of July 2016

I can smell the hot dogs roasting already. Can you believe we are almost to Independence Day? By the way, mine will be veggie-dogs as I am eating, as much as possible, a whole food plant based diet these days. The pounds have already started to melt away, and I have more energy.

Enjoy articles below about our newest tags now available for smaller items, especially the new smaller jewelry tags. We have a super special price on the tags for the 4th of July holiday. Also, see notes on our new warehouse that will allow us to ship faster to you, as well as a great idea to help you stop false alarms from happening in your store.

Now for my corny joke:
What did one flag say to the other flag? (see answer at the bottom of the page)
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Door to prevent false alarm

How to Avoid False Alarms

Many of the calls we receive regarding false alarms are caused by the system being positioned too close to the doorway. Usually whoever vacuums or cleans the floors will move the towers and then not know where to put them back.

The easy solution:

Put masking tape on the floor underneath the baseplate(s) so that when the towers are moved you see the rectangle of masking tape to let you know where to put them back.s

Tagging Challenges Resolved

New Smaller Jewelry Tags

Yes the first batch of our newly awaited smaller jewelry tag has arrived. The tag is much smaller than the older tag, but the lanyard a bit longer. The smaller tag is approx. 1″ x 1/2,” and the lanyard measures 6 inches long. See the special below because if you buy them now the price is also smaller!

New and Different Deactivation Pads Now Available

Another new tag seen above (right 2 pictures) is a triangle tag with a lanyard attached. These are great for the nose piece of sunglasses. It’s detection is almost as good as the black mini tag seen to the left. In black, these ring the checkpoint 8.2 Mhz system.
Free Samples are available on any of our tags. Just give us a call to request them. 812-877-9930 Office
Susann Shanks

Susann Shanks


Security Specialist

with over 25 years of experience


Quicker & more profitable for You!

New Warehouse Central Location

We offer quicker delivery to our Midwest customers now that our Indiana warehouse has grown, moved into a larger facility and expanded inventory. Yes we still ship some items out of our East, West, and Southern warehouses as well, depending upon inventory. Good news! Our new warehouse is only a block from our offices too.
New and Better Packaging for Towers

New and Better Packaging for Towers

Sensortags Inc is using newer style boxes and packing to reduce shipping damages. Our new foam cushioning protects towers from the jostling they gets in various carrier’s hands.

Security for Any Budget

Our new private label equipment saves you money, and our 2 years parts warranty is the best in the industry. Used, refurbished equipment with a 6 months parts arranty can also save you money if you are on a tight budget. Fake security can be a life saver if you have no budget for security at all. Fake towers are refurbished towers with no electronics (only $200), and you can use current alarming tags knowing that someday you may upgrade to a functional system, or you can use ink tags.

14th of July Special

New smaller Jewelry tags have arrived (approx 1″ x 1/2″)and they have longer lanyards (6″). Originally .65 each tag with lanyard now they are on special while initial batch lasts. Both frequencies (Sensormatic & Checkpoint) are the same white colored tag. Special price .45 each tag with 6 inch lanyard
Please Specify: 58 KHz for Sensormatic or Checkpoint Freq. 8.2 MHz
Packed 100/bag
Answer to Mary’s corny joke
What did one flag say to the other flag?
Nothing. It just waved!