58 KHz Mono Guard Pillar


58khz Mono Guard Security Pillars NEW

Sensormatic Frequency 58Khz Mono Guard Security Pillars

NEW 1 Pillar Mono Guard
1-Pillar Single door $3090

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Product Description

58 KHz Mono Guard Pillar

Sensormatic Frequency 58Khz Mono Guard Pillar

NEW 1 Pillar Mono Guard
1-Pillar Single door $3090

The 58 Khz Mono Guard system is a great system to use when there is a lot of metal in your store environment close to the front door such as metal shelves, metal racks, and metal doors.   This system is also very useful when you are tagging metal items such as power tools, bicycles etc.  This system requires a dedicated 110 outlet (both hot and neutral) within 3 feet of your door.

Length Operating Frequency
1470mm    57.9″ Sensormatic™ Frequency 58Khz
Width Power (Pedestals)
440mm    17.3″ 24VAC
Depth Power Supply
100mm   4″ 24VAC
Weight Power (Controller)
8Kg   18 lb. 110VAC

This retail security system will work with all 58 KHz hard plastic clothing tags as well as the Ultra strip disposable labels.  Most Sensormatic tags will work with this unit.  There are many different styles of tags that will work for this system.  There are many accessory tags available for this system.  Golf Club tags, eyeglass tags, liquor bottle tags, jewelry tags, baseball bat tags and even tags to go inside battery compartments of items can be used with this system as long as they are the 58 KHz frequency.  This system is very versatile because it works well in almost all applications.  This system does not malfunction due to metal being in a close proximity as some other towers will.  You can adjust this security pillar with a remote control that will eliminate a very costly installation.

This system can be place on the handle side of a single 3 foot door, or it can be place in the middle of a 6 foot opening.  You can you more than one Mono Guard for larger door applications.

This retail security option carries a 1 year parts warranty.  These systems are well made and very functional.


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Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 58 × 18 × 4 in

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