April 2014

Mother’s Day is fast approaching

Mother’s Day is May 11th so consider displays for mother’s day gifts and apparel.

Below are some great new tag specials for “trendy” or “expensive” items in your store.

Some unscrupulous vendors are trying to lure away our valued customers these days. Beware of vendors selling defective tags. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Beware of the towers made in china sold cheaply here in the USA as the inexpensive electronics usually blow out in 1 yr and it is hard to get competent help with tuning or replacement parts. It makes sense to spend $999 on a tower that will last for years vs $400 to $600 one that you will have to repair or replace yearly without much help in English.

We back all of our products with 5 yr tech support and also provide parts at reasonable prices to keep your USA made system running. Most of our customers boast 5 to 8 years before even considering changing up to newer models. Some have even gotten over 12 years of service with a $999 refurbished system (less than $100 a year cost for the system). These towers do save you considerably more than that in shoplifting prevention.

I am back in the office and glad to be home. My direct office line is 812-877-9442 and my cell if you need to text me is 812-201-5900. I am considering attending the Berkshire Hathaway stockholders meeting in Omaha Nebraska this year (next weekend May 3rd). Anyone needing an onsite tech visit within that area or between Indiana and Omaha let me know and I will try to work in a stop along the way.

Clam Up Shoplifters

Having issues with shoplifters cutting the pins on your hard tags? Worried about expensive items getting lifted? Larger clamshell tags may be the best solution for you. Clams offer a larger amount of protection, because they have the pin in the middle of the tag with the sides of the tag protecting it, which makes it hard to cut.

Clams generally come with a stronger clutch and take a special shaped remover not a standard remover to take them off. Consider adding some clams to your more expensive or most attractive items for shoplifters.Larger Clams are boxed 500 at a time and are a great visual deterrent as well. Aprox 2 1/4″ round.

Normally 50 cents each, we are running a special of $0.39 each until Mother’s Day, May 11
th, 2014.

The remover is universal and will remove all magnetic release tags including black mini tags.
The cost of a clamshell superlock remover is $75. Call Susann if you would like to see some actual samples of this aprox. 2 ¼” round tag.

Bigger is Better



If you are currently using black mini tags (1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″) and having occasional detection problems you might want to consider having a few black maxi tags. This tag is larger so a better visual deterrent and also has much more antenna inside it making it pick up better on the towers. Some thieves will use a bulky item such as a coat to try and get around the security system by wrapping the tag deep into the garment before trying to go through the towers.

Use a larger tag (2 3/4″ x 2 1/4″) to detect further out on both sides of a mono or single tower system. Larger tags also detect more accurately on a 3 foot 2 pillar system.
Maxi tags come boxed 500 at a time and cost $0.35 each. We currently have several cases of used ones available at $0.25 each (until sold out). Call Susann today if you need a sample to test or just want to place an order for some of these tags.

Mannequin Mayhem

185 Many of the calls I have received recently with false alarming towers has to do with mannequins placed too close to the security towers. Most mannequins have a heavy metal post that runs up through them, and if placed too close to the security towers, it causes an interference that forces it to false alarm.

93 (1) The other thing that happens with mannequins sitting closer than 3 foot from your system is false alarms due to tags left on the mannequin’s clothing or accessories. Sometimes a customer will pick up a purse to look at, change their mind as they walk around the store and hang it on your mannequin. The tagged purse sitting too close to the towers causes constant false alarms.
So don’t let your mannequins create mayhem. Keep mannequins at least 3 feet away from the security system.

184 Don’t forget to spring clean your towers. An unused paint brush works well. Remove the side covers unplug the system, and gently brush the electronics right and left then up and down to removed loose dust . Plug the towers back in and check to be sure you have lights on your electronic board before placing the side covers back on.