April 2016 Newsletter

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Coming May 8th This Year

This Mother’s Day many mothers will receive gift cards, flowers, jewelry, chocolates, cards, and lots of hugs.  If you carry any of these items, maybe have them at the front of the store with a reminder sign for Mother’s Day or even a count down til Mother’s Day.  Maybe even consider a nice Mother’s Day basket with a day at the spa (partner with another business).  For every purchase you get a chance at the Mother’s Day gift basket.  Keep it fun and exciting.  Announce who won in your newsletter, or better yet, put a picture in the store of the winner when they come to pick it up.

Below are some other great ideas on tagging.  Don’t forget to take advantage of our special on pin lanyards.

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Tagging Challenges Summarized

Tagging Gift Cards

Tagging Gift Cards

Most people do not tag gift cards because they are of no value until activated at a cash register, however if you have a problem with them disappearing you can use the disposable paper labels to tag gift cards. Be sure to keep disposable label away from the magnetic strip so as to not interfere with activation of the card.


Tagging Greeting Cards


Tagging Greeting Cards

Disposable paper labels are also good for greeting cards. Remember not to put an 8.2 MHz disposable label over or behind a shiny metal surface, or it will not ring your towers. It is always a good idea to have some extra white envelopes as you know some of your envelopes will get mixed up or disappear.


New and Different Deactivation Pads Now Available

I know your deactivation pad for disposable labels will last a very long time, but if you need additional ones we do have a couple new models. Our older style were refurbished Checkpoint. Our newer ones can be dropped down inside the counter flush mounted. Both have a light on the top surface to indicate the pad is turned on and working.

1: The basic style, which you need to get very close to the pad to deactivate labels, or it can also be used to verify if there is a hard tag still on a garment. The deactivation pads will not deactivate a reusable hard plastic tag. Private Label $150 new with 1 year warranty

Basic Deactivation Pad

2: The super style, which deactivates about a foot up off of the pad, so all you have to do is to put the items across the airspace above the pad.  This style is particularly helpful if you have boxed items that are tagged inside the box (ie shoes).  The super style is also able to be used to verify if hard tags are present on items.  It will not deactivate the reusable hard plastic tags. Private Label $299 new with 1 year warranty

Super Deactivation PadCall me today and mention this Newsletter for $30 off on your deactivation pad.

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Mother’s Day Special

pin lanyards

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