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Watch out for Snow Delays

Watch out for Snow Delays

Please be aware that some of the frigid weather and snow storms have slowed down truck line and ups deliveries. Be sure to plan ahead for those orders for new stores as we are running a bit behind on refurbishing and building systems due to weather. We go by the school schedule and when there are school delays our office also abides by those same delays to make it safe for our staff and to give them a chance to get their kids safely off to school before coming to work. This has shortened our work week many days so far this year so please order with anticipation the tags and systems for your new stores.

I am working remotely from Florida this year again so if you do not get an answer at the office please call the tech line. It is nice to see our southern customers and enjoy their winter weather. This week I am in Panama City Beach and next week in Orlando, Florida. While in Florida I will have my cell phone 812-201-5900 as well as the tech line 812-877-9442 (mobile office desk line). We are currently scheduled to be back in Indiana the 2nd week of March.

If you are in Florida and would like me to stop in and see your system or your store, please let me know so I can work it into my travel schedule. I may also make it over into Texas this year. I will be in the Houston area mid to end of February. Hope to see my daughter and grandson.


Winter’s wrath continues to affect freight operations in the United States. Winter Storm Janus is affecting east coast ports yesterday as it dropped more than a foot of snow and brought sub zero temperatures with it.


Mark & Mary Fouts
Sensortags Inc
Important Winter System Issues

New Arrivals must warm up to room temperature before plugging into electricity. As with many other electronic devices, you can NOT plug into electricity a cold security tower or you can damage it.  Please if you have just received a tower or other device from us, let it warm up to room temperature before plugging it into a wall socket.

Cold weather makes security towers a bit more sensitive.  If your security tower has been a bit more fussy than normal it may be the cold weather.   If it is the gust of cold air that blows in every time a customer opens the door then there is an easy fix…. tune down the sensitivity.  In the summer you can tune it back up because the heat seems to make them a bit less sensitive.  If you are not sure if you can adjust sensitivity on your unit just call the tech line and we can help you with that.  Most systems are a minor screw adjustment on the inside of the tower.

Tech support is included with most all the towers that we sell.  Just pick up the phone and call  812-877-9442 M-F 10-4 eastern time or by prior appointment if outside those hours.  You can also text us at 812-201-5900.


Checkpoint 8.2 Mhz
2″ paper labels for Checkpoint 8.2 Mhz systems back in stock

There are both blank and barcoded available. Yes ,some of our customers have missed the 2″ labels which ring further away from the system and have a stronger signal than the 1 1/2″ labels. These labels have been nearly impossible to get as the manufacturer stopped making them. Everyone likes the smaller labels, but the larger ones ring much better.
New website being built.

One of the things I have been working on this month is a re-design of our website.  It has been several years since we launched it, and it is starting to look a bit dated.

Soon you will see a whole new look so do not be surprised in the next month or so if when you log in it looks different.  We look forward to getting some feedback from you once it is up and live … I will let you know when that happens.

One alarm tags & spider tags now instock

One alarm tags spider tags

1. If you find that customers are cutting your lanyards you may want to invest in a few one alarm tags.  These do not ring your system but have a battery powered alarm that go off on the tag itself if it is tampered with in any way.  You can add an additional hard tag or paper label to ring the system and this is a cheaper way to tag with a ringing tag than a 3 or 4 alarm type tag.

2. Spider wraps are available that are great for tagging boxed items or computer software so that no one can open the box and take the item out.  They ring if they go by the towers and they ring if you tamper with the tag. These wraps unlock with a superlock remover and come in 8.2 MHz (checkpoint frequency) and 58 KHz (sensormatic frequency).  Remember the tag must match the frequency of your system to work.

If you are having a particular shoplifting issue just call us, and we can suggest a solution for your store.  Sometimes switching up the type of tags will also slow down the shoplifting issues.


Susann Shanks

Security Specialist