February 2014

Spring Break is Just Around the Corner

Spring break starts the 2nd week of February in some areas and can go as long as the last week of March in others. Think ahead to what you will need for the on slot of customers as the last of the big storms has hit the mid-west and we should start to see nicer weather.

This winter was hard on customers, store owners and many other businesses …. but spring break is coming and already store owners are letting us know the customers are coming out to buy. Check to see that you have plenty of paper labels and hard tags to protect your products because the shoplifters will be out also.

There are still some ups delays in some areas due to the last blast of winter so again think ahead when ordering products. We are in TX visiting our daughter around the Houston area and are pleased to find out she is expecting her 2nd child. If you are in the Houston area and need us to stop into your store let me know.

I do not expect to be back in the office until the 2nd week of March so please feel free to contact me directly on my cell or text me 812-201-5900.

Great Stop Shoplifting Signs you can make on your computer and post in your store.



If you post signs in your dressing rooms, in bathroom stalls, at exits and at cash registers, shoplifters are less likely to steal from you. These shoplifting signs are a bit more fun and still get the point across. Just type them out on your computer in a word processing program and enlarge them. Print, laminate and hang them for a quick fix. You can also find them on the internet for around $7 to $15 each. Just google stoplifting signs. If you have one we do not show please send it to us for our collection of signs.



Clear & Invisible Systems

141 (1) We have had some calls from stores needing a less visible security system to stop shoplifters. Sensortags.com is offering a clear plexi system for our higher end stores as well as a more expensive invisible system. The clear plexi system can be self installed with a baseplate while the hidden system requires a factory install. If you are looking for this type of solution for your new store just give Susann a call 800-934-7080 for a personalized quote.


180 The floor guard system is built into the floor and there are wires that go around the doorway as well. The system is in segments of 3 ft at a time and can be extended to larger widths like mall entrances.

178 The system is the white blocks at the sides and the top of this doorway. There are wires that go around the doorway and cut into the floor as well.