January 2016 Newsletter

Newsletter January 2016


Get Ready for Presidents’ Day Sales!

This year is off to a fast start with President’s Day and Valentine’s Day creeping up on us fast Be sure you have a good selection of products with the security tags and labels available to keep them secure.  I have had the pleasure of consulting with the Dali Museum while in Florida.  Their security is amazing incorporating cameras, guards, EAS security and other means to keep their valuable paintings from harm.  Their most valuable painting is worth $22,000,000.00  A responsibility they take very seriously.

With that in mind, I will be in Florida another couple of weeks before traveling through New Orleans and over around the Houston area of Texas.  If any of you need me to drop in and see your system while I am on the road please let me know as I love seeing my customers and helping them get the best out of their systems.

Tagging Challenges Summarized


Tagging Sunglasses & Jewelry

For best results, use either a jewelry tag with a lanyard or an eyeglass tag. Both are available for either Checkpoint or Sensormatic frequency systems.

lanyards and tags

Lanyards to attach your tags to non pin-able items

Two types of lanyards are good for attaching your hard tags to items that can not be pinned. Pin lanyards have a pin on one side and a loop on the other and ball end lanyards which are all metal with a point on one end and a ball that goes through a hole on some tags that goes all the way through the tag. Good for Boots, Shoes, Laces through zipper pulls, leather purse straps, etc.

Your Tagging Challenges

Please give us a call so we can help you personalize your assortment of tags to effectively stop the shoplifters stocking out your store.  We are dedicated to help you be prepared and tag as needed for the level of shoplifting you are encountering.  Call or email me today.

Susann Shanks

Susann Shanks
Security Specialist

Different Ways to Disguise a Tower


Custom Signage

Staples can custom make posters to cover a tower. Be sure no metallic paint or surfaces are used in the signage or it could affect your security system’s ability to detect tags.


Cardboard Sign Covers

Many larger department stores use their towers to advertise specials. Sometimes they even get money from a supplier to put their advertising at the front of their stores.


Custom Cloth Covers

Here you can see custom cloth covers made with a spandex material then screen printed by a sign company to decorate the security towers. Remember to leave the cloth open at the bottom so the electronics can breath.

Presidents’ Day & Valentine’s Day Specials
Now through February 14th!


Call today to get a sweet deal just for wishing us a happy Valentine’s Day.