June 2015 Newsletter

Happy Upcoming 4th of July

Sunglass protection can be challenging so checkout the solutions in this month’s newsletter. Read more helpful hints on keeping your system form false alarming this July. Meet our super hero team that has been working hard to meet customer demands. Sales are up and our employees are going the extra mile to keep our customers happy and secure. Hope you enjoy some backyard fun this July 4th weekend.

We will be closed for the 4th of July which is next week on Saturday and on a skeleton crew the following Monday. Place your order this week so we can get it in transit for you before the holiday.

Pricing and Tagging Sunglasses, Eyewear Frames & Readers


The eyeglass tag to the left, as well as the jewelry tag to the right, can be ordered in 8.2 MHz and 58 KHz frequencies so you can easily secure your sunglasses no matter if you have Sensormatic or Checkpoint equipment.



One of our customers shared with us that they got small stickers from the office supply store and used them over the warning label area of the eyeglass tags. They then had pricing on their sunglasses without having to put additional cumbersome tags on the glass frames.

Curled Up Cords and Open Loops of Wire Can False Alarm Your System



Your tower is susceptible to false alarms when placed near open loops of cord. Be sure anything attached to it or near it has the cords zip tied in the middle and on both ends so it looks like a dog bone.


Don’t put your tower near any vertical cords of wire.

Keep all vertical runs of wire at least 3 feet from your system. This might mean if your outlet is in the ceiling you will run the wire from the tower (18″ away form the door from into the store) to the wall; then down wall 3 feet before going up the wall and back to the outlet on ceiling so that the vertical wire is away from the tower.


Meet Your Super Hero Team at Sensortags.com



Susann – Security Specialist, Dave – Warehouse & Maintenance, Mary – Tech Support, Jeanie – Tuning & Shipping


Our part time summer helpers are back this year: Courtney, Hannah & Gina (not pictured)


Last, but not least, this is Mark, our fearless leader. Like Clark Kent, Mark is mild mannered, runs all the errands to keep things running smoothly, and at a minutes notice, puts on his cape and saves the day by racing an emergency (remover or part) all the way out to the UPS station after hours.

Get Your Cell Phone & Snap a Pic for FREE SHIPPING

The website, sensortags.com, seems to be working well, but we welcome new pictures of installations.
If you send us a picture of your storefront with the security system in place to be used in our advertising and website, we will give you free shipping on your next case of security tags.
Send your pictures to mary@sensortags.com or text to 812-201-5900 and reference your store name and this article please.

UPS Weather Delays

It has come to our attention this morning that there have been interruptions of service by UPS in the major hub in Kentucky. Although you might not be in Kentucky this can affect the arrival of your packages because everything they ship out of the East Coast and Midwest goes through this hub. Just be aware that your packages may get delayed a day or two due to the unusual rain and flooding in Kentucky at this time.