March 2014

Easter is fast approaching…

Easter will fall on the 20th of April this year for Christians as well as Orthodox Christians. This means shoppers are already thinking about what to wear for the occasion and or making plans to travel home for the holiday.

Stock up on labels as a backup tag to hard tags, especially if you are having any issues with tags being cut off. Don’t forget the 4″ rule of tagging to help stop this as well. Spring is a good time to add sunglasses and eyeglass tags to your inventory as well.

I am back in the office and glad to be home. My direct office line is 812-877-9442 and my cell if you need to text me is 812-201-5900. Thanks to all the stores I was able to visit and tech while on my adventure to Florida and Texas this year. I did get some good photos for the website and the upcoming newsletters.

God Bless and enjoy the coming great weather of spring and the fun of family gatherings. We do appreciate the business you have blessed us with in the past and hope that you continue to put faith in us as your security supplier.

Tag those sunglasses

Eyeglass tags are a great addition for sun-glass security. Some of our customers are using them on jewellery items as well.




The non-alarming ones, although they are very small, do not ring your system. The clutch is a single click style so it either fits or is tight or is loose. The alarming tags (same price) have a long pin to engage them and will click tight at any point on the pin so fits most items.


80 (1)

For really thick sunglasses a p clamp and a small pencil tag can do the trick. If you would like to see samples of any of these options just let me know.


Another way to tag the fancy glasses with the open wide designs at the temple, is with a jewelry tag with a lanyard. Of course they work for jewelry as well.

System Upgrades

44 If you have had your system for a few years and it is acting up, it may be time for a system upgrade. We have gently used/refurbished electronic boards and can upgrade your tower without having to buy a new tower. Most towers that are acting up only need one board replaced. We always try to see if the problem is the environment but sometimes the boards are just getting old and worn out. If you purchased your system from us we give you a free tune up and can tell at that point if you need replacement boards or if the issue is environmental. Call tech support for help with this.

49 (1) Don’t forget to spring clean your towers. An unused paint brush works well. Remove the side covers unplug the system, and gently brush the electronics right and left then up and down to removed loose dust bunnys. Plug the towers back in and check to be sure you have lights on your electronic board before placing the side covers back on.