May 2014

Get those Sunglasses & Flip Flops on Display.

Summer clothes are lighter weight so consider pencil tags or paper labels on lighter weight items. Flip Flops are secured well with a lanyard through your hard tags. Summer also brings questions about systems overheating with the sun from the front windows.

We will be closed for Memorial Day which is next Monday! Place your order this week so we can get it in transit for you before the holiday.

Sensormatic 1/2 price Special 58 Khz Pencil Tags

195   194

Good news for those of you with Sensormatic towers … a closeout on grey pencil tags (used) with pins. These were .50 each now only .25 each w pin.

Note these will not work on Checkpoint frequency towers. Only order these if you have a Sensormatic type system. If in doubt just call us

Tag Sunglasses & Flip Flops with a variety of options.

79 80 6791

Summer can heat up your Towers

49 Important:
In the summer time if the towers have the sun shining on the side covers, the towers can overheat, causing false alarms. Think about placing a strategic sign (open hours, or specials) in the window to block the sunshine hitting the towers.

93 (1) Don’t forget to spring clean your towers as boards full of dust can also overheat. An unused paint brush works well. Remove the side covers unplug the system, and gently brush the electronics right and left then up and down to removed loose dust . Plug the towers back in and check to be sure you have lights on your electronic board before placing the side covers back on.