November 2015 Newsletter

Newsletter November 2015

Black Friday is almost here… Are you ready?

Black Friday Specials Just for YOU Start Today! Call 800-934-7080 today because they are only available as long as supplies last or until the end of November, whichever comes first.
For our customers with 8.2 MHz systems (checkpoint style)

  • Light grey 8.2 MHz Maxi tags, normally $0.45, now only $0.22 – Good for coats and larger items!
  • Rectangular ink tags, normally $0.35, now only $0.25 while they last!

For our customers with 58 KHz systems (sensormatic style)

  • Supertags 2 & 3 Grey or Black, normally $0.60, now only $0.25 while they last!
  • 58 khz pencil tags half price! Normally $0.50 now $0.25 – great for lighter weight products!

— Where your security matters!

Not sure what security equipment you need? Click the quote button above, or ask us for our free booklet on how to choose the right security system for your store.


Here is an out of the box idea for securing eye-wear with 8.2 MHz tags.
This is a jewelry tag attached to a pair of reading glasses. Someone asked us for a smaller idea for an 8.2 MHz system to tag glasses. We used double back sticky tape (carpet tape) to affix the small jewelry tag onto the frame. Now, that’s not to say that someone can’t remove it if they really wanted to but it does make a small deterrent.


Another super idea from outside the box for 58 KHz systems.
Yes the jewelry tags do come in 58 Khz and can also be used as shown on the left, to secure smaller eye-wear frames. Just get some double back sticky foam tape from staples or office max. Clean frames when removed with goo be gone or some other gentle glue solvent.


What is wrong with this picture?
Yes, you guessed it! There is metal too close to the system. A metal holiday greeting card rack near the door can cause problems with your towers.

Also notice the sun-glass rack. Although it is made of plastic and not metal, if it is plugged into the same breaker with the system it can also cause the system to not work properly or to false alarm.

Sometimes a Powervar line filter is able to stabilize the system in this regard, but not always. It depends upon how much noise is in the line and what other items are too close to the system.

Powervar units run about $300 new but we do have some refurbished units for $150 at the moment.


Two ways holiday lights can cause havoc with your security towers.

  1. Although ’tis the season to be jolly, your security towers are not the place to hang lights or decorations of any kind. The electrical wires in the string of lights can cause your tower to not ring or to false alarm without stopping.
  2. Christmas trees too close to your towers or plugged into the same breaker with your towers can cause similar false alarms. Also avoid power strips and extension cords when it comes to plugging in your towers. These can cause interference as well and cause false alarms.

Giving back to your community is key to a healthy business. Don’t forget shop small business day is this Saturday, November 28th. Here are some ideas on how you can help your community.

Have your employees volunteer in the community.
Some businesses pay their employees to do a couple of hours of community service a month as an incentive to get them active in the community. Volunteering at a dog shelter, a homeless shelter, a food bank, or a children’s home are all good places to start.

A good way to incentivize this is to have an employee of the month recognition award where volunteering is a part of the scoring process.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle.
Make everyone aware that you do recycle and you help the recycling movement. We all want to help save the planet for our next generation. As my mom used to say (she lived through the depression) “waste not want not”. Old worn out clothes got cut into cleaning rags, which then got woven into rugs when they got too old and worn out. Recycle your newspapers, magazines, junk mail, old packaging materials from inbound products. We were able to get a recycle bin and pickup for only $12.50 every 3 months! We do not even need to sort the recyclables. So do your part and explore this idea.

Have a food drive.
Food drives are particularly popular during the holidays. Have a bin in your store where customers can leave non perishables to be donated to your local food bank or shelter. Perhaps put up an incentive to do so by offering 10% off of an item for donating. Your sales may increase and you can feel good that someone else is getting a hot meal because of your generosity and support. No one can do it alone, it takes a village as they say.

Double tag expensive items that tend to get shoplifted more often

When you notice shoplifters are hitting a particular brand, size or item, double tag it. You can use an ink tag as the pin into your hard tag (see Black Friday special on ink tags for this purpose). This way not only are you secured, they will not leave the store with the item or the towers will ring, but it will be harder for the thief to remove the hard tag without damaging the item because of the ink tag.

Another double tagging method is to use disposable labels hidden inside a pocket or up a sleeve as well as a hard tag. If the thief manages to get the hard tag off, say in the dressing room, even if he/she tries to wear it out of the store the alarm will ring the paper label. Paper labels are deactivated with a deactivation pad at the counter so the cashier does not even need to know exactly where the paper label is located to deactivate it.

Having a particular problem with your shoplifters? Give me a call to discuss other ways of fooling them into being caught. Your security matters to us!

Susann Shanks
Susann Shanks
Security Specialist

Happy Thanksgiving. We hope you enjoy your time off with family and friends. We will be closed the day of Thanksgiving but open with a skeleton crew on Friday, although not all of our warehouses will be open. Looking forward to Christmas, we will be closed Christmas Day and on skeleton crew between Christmas and New Years, again with many of the warehouses either closed or doing inventory, so get those orders in now so you do not run short of supplies. Thanks again for all your support.
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