October 2015 Newsletter

Ghoulish Security Treats & Thankful Giving for the Holiday

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We start off with some great ideas for keeping your products safe from the ghouls and goblins this Halloween and end up with some thoughts on thankful giving back and the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday.  Last but not least, don’t let those Halloween ghosts irk you by making your security system false alarm…. Call us directly for Tech Support.  812-877-9442 direct office line or 812-241-5900.

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Not sure what security equipment you need? Click the quote button above, or ask us for our free booklet on how to choose the right security system for your store.

Clear Fazor System
Almost Invisible … ghost-like

Clear Fazor Security System

This elegant tower will detect tags 3 ft to the right and left of the tower, making it good to use on single or double doors. Many stores will use two of these, one on each side of a double door entrance for a wider unobstructed feel to the entrance.

Ink Tags
How ghoulish, ink tags attached to your security tags and frighten the ugliest of shoplifters

Ink tags come in many sizes and shapes to accommodate any need. These can be used as the pin into your current tags to make the items you are tagging more secure.

Towers and Cabinets

What is wrong with this picture?

Yes, you guessed it! There is metal too close to the system. A metal filing cabinet to right of tower can cause false alarms. Clear all heavy metal items at least 3 ft from the system. Another type of metal that is not normally thought of as metal, is mannequins. Many times they have a heavy metal stand and a rod that goes up one leg to steady them. This metal can also affect the system and needs to be kept 3 ft away. The other issue with mannequins is that someone can leave a tag on the clothing it is dressed in, causing major false alarms if left too close to the towers.

False Alarm Wiring

False alarms here for 2 reasons…

Although they have done a good job of keeping the system 18″ away from the door frame, the electrical cord goes straight up the wall to plug into the ceiling too close to the tower. Keep all vertical wires away from the towers at least 3 feet. The way to fix this is to run the wire along the wall to the right at least 3 feet then up the wall and back to the outlet in the ceiling. The bundle of blue wire in round loops is also a problem and must be straightened out as the tower will feel it like a tag.

Giving back to your community is key to a healthy business. Let us know the charities you and your employees support. Here are ones that Sensortags.com is blessed to be able to support.

How to choose your security system booklet

Security Specialist, Susann Shanks, wants to share with you the new booklet, “How to choose your security system”  We have it in a PDF file that can easily be sent by email, so just give her a call or an email today for your free copy.

Just a heads up, we will be closed for Thanksgiving as usual. Thank you for your business. We know you have a choice where you do business, and we hope that you will continue to allow us to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We appreciate the opportunity to help keep your store secure and give you the peace of mind that your security systems are doing their job.


Mark & Mary Fouts

Mark & Mary Fouts
Sensortags Inc