September 2015 News Letter

Football Season Special

Enjoy your Labor Day Holiday.  Our offices will be closed Monday, Sept.7th in observance of this holiday.

Susann thought you would enjoy a stop shoplifting article done all in football terms for you aficionados out there.

Lets face it, shoplifting is a tough opponent, even a dirty player, determined to make you and your team loose. Sensortags has a team approach to stop shoplifters, so learning the Sensortags Defense strategy is the key to your success.

Mark and Mary Fouts

Mark & Mary Fouts
Sensortags Inc

The Sensortags Playbook

#1 The Blitz – Attaching the Label or Tag

A Catch

The Blitz is the most important part of the Sensortags playbook. The security system can’t work without the right tag or label in the right place on the right merchandise.

If you don’t apply the tag or label correctly it’s a fumble that could prove costly. The tag can ruin merchandise, inconvenience customers or not work at all if improperly placed.

When you apply the tag or label correctly it is an active deterrence against shoplifting. Shoplifters see that the sensortags system is part of your valuable team and the odds are against them, so they concede defeat and leave.


#2 The Interception

An Interception

After The Blitz, the action really begins. Now you have to intercept every tag and label before it leaves the store or it can set off an alarm.

The right way to make an interception is to check and re-check every item to be sure tags are removed and labels deactivated. This way honest customers are not embarrassed by a false alarm. It takes a few seconds longer to do the interception correctly but is well worth it in customer satisfaction. Customers like dealing with real professionals.

#3 Coverage – The Zone

The Zone

Zone Coverage means being alert to the Sensortags system’s alarms wherever you are and responding to them quickly.

Most alarms are caused by a tag or label overlooked during checkout or inventory placed too close to the system. If an alarm sounds, assume it is a mistake. Approach the customer calmly, with a friendly smile, and say “I’m sorry. We must have missed an inventory control device on your purchase.”

If the customer has a package from your store ask them to please step back to the register to correct the mistake. If the package is from another store, ask if the other store had a similar type security system and offer to help find the tag that has not been removed.

This step is vital to effective Zone Coverage. Admitting the mistake takes customers off the defensive. Offering to correct the mistake assures them of their importance.

#4 Person to Person Defense

Football Player

When a security alarm goes off and you are certain no mistake in Zone Coverage was made, it is time to focus on the customer who set off the alarm and time to call on the Defensive Team captain — the Store Manager. The manager will know how to handle the situation discreetly, so you won’t be penalized and the store won’t suffer because of a “bad call”

Here are some rules for effective person to person coverage:

  • Always maintain coverage on everyone – NO Exceptions
  • Never grab a bag or merchandise from a customer.  Always allow the customer to hand it to you.
  • Never accuse a customer of shoplifting.
  • Be sure that the details of all alarm incidents are recorded and other members of the team are aware of them. (see alarm chart in the back of your users manual or call us for a copy of one).  Every time there is a system alarm, an entry must be made in this log.
  • If there is a system malfunction, report it to your manager.

Remember your store’s security system was installed to reduce shoplifting the control inventory from losses. Your teamwork is the key to making sure it holds losses to “no gain”.

Susann Shanks

Susann Shanks
Security Specialist  

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Free 100 Tags with next Order

Just mention that you saw our football edition of the newsletter and we will send you free 100 ink tags to help you make your garments more secure.

You can use ink tags as the pin into your hard tags to make them double secured. This is common practice on expensive items.

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Sensor at a doorway

Important: Have your store manager walk a security tag through the towers every morning to be sure they are still plugged in and working.  Sometimes customers will pull on a cord or break a connector by stepping on it.  This does not happen too often. It is better to test and know that the unit is OK, rather than finding out a month later, when shoplifters figured out it was not working and stole you blind.

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