April 2014

Mother’s Day is fast approaching

Mother’s Day is May 11th so consider displays for mother’s day gifts and apparel.

Below are some great new tag specials for “trendy” or “expensive” items in your store.

Some unscrupulous vendors are trying to lure away our valued customers these days. Beware of vendors selling defective tags. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Beware of the towers made in china sold cheaply here in the USA as the inexpensive electronics usually blow out in 1 yr and it is hard to get competent help with tuning or replacement parts. It makes sense to spend $999 on a tower that will last for years vs $400 to $600 one that you will have to repair or replace yearly without much help in English. Read more

March 2014

Easter is fast approaching…

Easter will fall on the 20th of April this year for Christians as well as Orthodox Christians. This means shoppers are already thinking about what to wear for the occasion and or making plans to travel home for the holiday.

Stock up on labels as a backup tag to hard tags, especially if you are having any issues with tags being cut off. Don’t forget the 4″ rule of tagging to help stop this as well. Spring is a good time to add sunglasses and eyeglass tags to your inventory as well. Read more

February 2014

Spring Break is Just Around the Corner

Spring break starts the 2nd week of February in some areas and can go as long as the last week of March in others. Think ahead to what you will need for the on slot of customers as the last of the big storms has hit the mid-west and we should start to see nicer weather.

This winter was hard on customers, store owners and many other businesses …. but spring break is coming and already store owners are letting us know the customers are coming out to buy. Check to see that you have plenty of paper labels and hard tags to protect your products because the shoplifters will be out also. Read more

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Watch out for Snow Delays

Watch out for Snow Delays

Please be aware that some of the frigid weather and snow storms have slowed down truck line and ups deliveries. Be sure to plan ahead for those orders for new stores as we are running a bit behind on refurbishing and building systems due to weather. We go by the school schedule and when there are school delays our office also abides by those same delays to make it safe for our staff and to give them a chance to get their kids safely off to school before coming to work. This has shortened our work week many days so far this year so please order with anticipation the tags and systems for your new stores.

Read more

Nov 2006 Shoplifting Alerts

Att: Store Owner/Manager

*CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHT WARNING: It is the time of year when the stores start to decorate with blinking or small strings of lights. If your security system is not on a dedicated line (directly back to a breaker – the ONLY thing on that breaker), you may have difficulties with Christmas tree lights. Your system will respond in one of two ways: FALSE ALARM OR NOT ALARM AT ALL. Again, another good reason to test the system everyday to see that new things in the environment have not affected the security of your products. Look for a series of outlets that are not on the same breaker as the system to plug your Christmas lights into. Do not have any extension cords attached to your system. If you need a longer cord we will gladly wire one up for you so that your system works at its best to protect your valuable inventory.