April Newsletter 2017

Earth Day Specials

Sensortags Inc has saved thousands of trees by using recycled boxes, and saved our land fills from the hundres of thousands of plastic tags we recycle and re-use. We can now pass that savings on to you. Help the planet by buying our recycled plastic tags. **pre -owned Black Mini Tags now available in case lots of 1000.16 each. In lots of 5000 or more .12 each Call quick before they are all gone.

If your systems are over 5 years old ask about our new towers with digital boards. Ask about a trade-in
upgrade today.

Newest Digital Boards

These new boards have 4 different settings for filtering out noise in your store environment making them work better with less false alarms. Consider upgrading your towers to a new set with digital boards.* Much more accurate at ringing tags * Easier to set to eleiminate false alarms from your environment. * 2 year parts warranty Call Now to order 800-934-7080

Ask about Sensormatic used security tag specials.

You are not only buying the security tower, you are buying the FREE tech support!

Yes Checkpoint and Sensormatic charge $250 and hour for their tech support, and while they do come onsite, it is a minimum 3 hour charge plus parts. Sensortags Inc. provides you with invaluable free tech support by telephone. With just one tech call a year for 5 years thats a savings over the major brands of $3750 (Our towers cost less than that). Also you get a quick response rather than having to wait a couple of weeks for a tech to work you into their schedule.

Notice how fake trees were used to shorten distance between the towers and the doorway. The no metal with in 3 ft rule was taken in consideration as the tree pots are not metal.

If you have a tech issue please call our tech support line 812-877-9442 so we can assist you. Your security matters to us.

Sensortags Spring Cleaning Sale


Take advantage of our spring cleaning sale, especially if you are planning on upgrading a security unit or opening a new store that needs security towers.

2 pillar security towers for single 3 ft doorway

Includes: 2 pillar 8.2 system refurbished (various see below) Baseplate to make it self standing
1 remover to detach hard tags
500 hard tags for clothing
100 lanyards to attach hard tags to items that can not be pinned such as leather purses, shoes etc.
Our price $1420.oo Spring Cleaning special $999 “only 4 units left at this price

Plexi Style Security Tower 8.2

1 tower plexi style 8.2 Mhz system
1 baseplate to make it self standing
1 remover for hard tags
500 hard tags
100 lanyards
Our Price $1920.oo
Spring Cleaning special $1500
Buy Now while current inventory is available


Big savings on our spring cleaning clearance.

Above 2 pillar refurbished towers are an assortment of towers we are liquidating to make room for current inventory coming in. All are 8.2 MHz, checkpoint frequency, some have lights at top some do not. Please check with salesperson the exact one you will receive. 800-934-7080 call before this savings gets away. Offer Expires once current inventory is depleted.

March 2017 Newsletter

March Madness Is Upon Us!

Stores are opening up to capture Spring Break Sales

Several customers are opening new stores to capture the spring break shoppers. Think ahead and get your security system and tags before you open the store. Some merchants are leaving that for last, thinking they may not need it, but then call when shoplifting losses reach over $15,000! Sad, when just a fraction of that would have protected their store. Check out tag and tower closeouts below for March Madness Bargains.

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New Aquisition

Sensortags Inc. has acquired the website www.lockinghooks.com So in the future if you have a need to lock items on your peghook or slathook walls feel safe in using www.lockinghooks.com as your supplier of this product.

March Madness Slam Dunk Bargains

As we have acquired some discounted pre-owned tags we want to pass that bargain on to you. For March we have a new batch of used 8.2 MHz Black Mini tags that has come in …. deeply discounted to you. Call for prices.

Sensormatic 58 Khz customers call and ask us for a sample of this new tag that uses a magnetic remover and is very small and light weight. Inexpensive tagging solution. Call for available quantities and price. Too hot to put in newsletter!

Security Towers

We are still cleaning up some odds and ends of our refurbished preowned
8.2 MHz towers. Call us for special deals on these one and two
left of a tower model sale. Most selling under $1000 Call and let us put a deal together for you 800-934-7080

Coming Soon …. New Additions to our website including instructional videos. Watch upcomming newsletters for links to check it out.

February 2017 Newsletter

Huge Savings on Black Mini Tags

Yes it is true we have a large quantity of used black mini tags due to arrive in our warehouse this week. Prices sooo low we are not able to publish them in the newsletter. We got a good deal on these and are passing the savings on to you. Call today for a super good deal on black mini tags with pins.

Used Ink Tag Savings Too

A few thousand round white ink tags with cone backs came into the warehouse yesterday. If you use these tags call quick to get a special savings while they last.


New Customer Referral Program Easy as 1-2-3

1. Refer another business owner to purchase from Sensortags. Just give them the toll free 800-934-7080 number.
2. Call us with their name and phone number so we can follow up and recognize it is your referral.
3. Get Rewarded when they make their first purchase from Sensortags.
Purchase of $100-500 you get a $25 reward
Purchase of $501-1000 you get a $50 reward
Purchase of $1001-3000 you get a $100 reward
Purchase of $3000 & up you get a $150 reward
Rewards are your choice “gift card” from major retailer, or merchandise credit from Sensortags

Winner of the Just Say No Campaign from last month’s newsletter is…

Stacy Weckwerth Rouen,Owner of Ennie’s Dance Wear and Humbug with this cute photo entry in the entrance of her store. She is receiving a FREE $300 deactivation pad for being the lucky winner of our photo contest drawing. Thanks to all who took the time to send in photos from the entrance of their stores to “Just Say No to Shoplifters”.

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January 2017 Newsletter

Just Say No to Shoplifters

WSend us a picture of you with a sign: “Just Say No to Shoplifters” in your store by your security towers, and you will be entered in a drawing for a free deactivation pad. We intend to publish some of the photos in our newsletter and on our website. Get creative and have fun. Email pictures to mary@sensortags.com Enter the drawing today for a FREE $299 deactivation pad for your store.

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New Deactivation Pads

Deactivating paper label alarms is easier with our new smaller “alarming” super deactivation pad. It will deactivate labels in the air space above it for up to 10- 12 inches or so. It also acts as a verifier to be sure the hard tags are removed from items before the customer leaves. Hard tags are not deactivated by this equipment but will alarm the pad. $299 each The new low profile standard pad will deactivate paper labels when they are touched to the pad. This pad does not have a ringer so it will not alarm if a hard tag is present, but it is half the price of the super pad if price is an issue. $150 each

Service Delays & Cold Weather issues

It is important to remember during this time of year UPS has a lot of service delays due to the extreme weather conditions so be sure to order your products with plenty of anticipation.

If ordering towers, be sure to allow them a day to warm up to room temperatures before plugging them in. Plugging in a very cold tower can cause damage to the electronics.

False alarming can occur more than usual during the winter weather, so if you need assistance tuning down the sensitivity of your unit, please contract our technical support at 812-877-9442 or reach Mary directly by texting 812-201-5900 a picture of your towers so she can help you.

Coming Soon …. New Updated Customer Referal Program Information!

December 2016 Newsletter

Happy New Years

We will be closed for the holiday Monday the 2nd of January 2017.
Meet Mark & Mary’s new grand baby George Jacob Straub. Mark and Mary are in Texas now through mid March so if you would like a free consultation in your store, or if your security towers need looked at, please let us know and we will try to get you fit into their schedule. They are in the Dallas area this week visiting stores, then around Houston for a couple of weeks then in Feb will be around San Antonio and Austin. March will find them around the Galveston area before headding back home.

Back in Stock ….Small Jewelry Tags with Short Lanyards

New Smaller Jewelry Tag with 4″ Lanyard Notice from the picture the older 6″ lanyard vs the new 4″ shorter lanyard. Original price 0.65 each
New years eve special. 59 each throught Jan 15th or as long as supplies last. Sold in case packs of 600 but we can break a case as long as it is in even 100s (ie 100, 200, 300 etc).

Call Now to order 800-934-7080

2″ Disposable Labels are back IN-STOCK!

Check your Disposable Label Inventory
Special price on blank and barcoded checkpoint labels both standard and larger sizes. Original price .04 each
Now only .03 through Jan 15th 2017 Happy New Years
Available in 1 1/2″ & 2″ sizes packed 2000 at a time

Call now to order 800-934-7080

November Newsletter 2016

Chistmas in Texas 2016

I am so excited to be in Texas this year for Christmas. My daughter is expecting her 3rd child, and we will all be surprised when we find out if it is a boy or a girl. Below I will detail my schedule as I am planning on visiting customers while I am in the Lone Star State so please let me know if you would like me to come visit your store while I am down there. There are some things you need to remember about your system to keep from having false alarms his holiday season so please read the section on preventing false alarms. I also hope that you will enjoy the upcoming Christmas season with friends and family this year.

Mary Fouts
–Mary Fouts
Tech Support
with over 25 years of experience
812-201-5900 cell
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Only YOU can prevent false alarms!

Too close to doorway!
Your security towers like to be at least 18 to 24 inches away from the door frame to avoid false alarms from the metal in the doorway.

Avoid Extension cords and any wires in an open loop! This can be a problem even if not attached to the towers. Call us if you still have No Christmas lights on same breaker or in close proximity of towers! Yes, that Christmas tree looks great in the front window, especially with the new tree dazzler lights, but be sure it is at least 3 to 4 ft away from your towers and not on the same breaker as it will cause false alarms. any issues this Christmas season. We are glad to help you figure out what is causing your false alarms so you can fix it. 812-201-5900 is Mary’s Cell phone and if out of reach you can text and she will call you back.

No Christmas lights on same breaker or in close proximity of towers!
Yes, that Christmas tree looks great in the front window, especially with the new tree dazzler lights, but be sure it is at least 3 to 4 ft away from your towers and not on the same breaker as it will cause false alarms

Holiday Sneaky Security Plans

Get sneeky to catch those holiday thieves this year. Double tagging is an industry standard for high priced items and hot new items. Consider putting an ink tag as the pin into your hard tag as double security. If the shoplifter tampers with the hard tag the ink tag will burst ruining the item they were after. Mind you this may only happen once or twice as the thief gets caught with ink in his hands.

Another double tagging idea is to use hard tags and paper labels. Hide the paper label up inside the garment or in the pocket of a jean. If the shoplifter can defeat the hard tag, he will still ring your system with the paper label as he walks out. Sneaky sneaky …. see the below specials to help you tag those expensive and hard to get hot items.

Susann Shanks

Susann Shanks


Security Specialist

with over 25 years of experience


Ways to tell if you have a bad label on your roll.

Red Dot Marks The Spot

Some of our label manufacturers mark their bad labels with a red dot on the barcoded area. Do not use these red dot marked labels as they are out of frequency and not counted in your order of 2000 labels.

Black Lines on Blank Labels

Many manufacturers mark their blank labels with a black line down the middle of the blank security labels to indicate they are out of frequency and should not be used. You are guaranteed 2000 good labels so sometimes the label rolls look smaller depending upon how many bad labels are on the roll.

Missing Labels is OK too

Newer label machines will actually peel off the bad label so if you see missing labels that is ok too.

November Specials

Disposable Labels — blank 1 1/2″ only 3 cents each in qty of 2000 at a time Ink Tag Closeouts — A few styles left at .25 each while they last


Dec. 8th – 29th – Katy TX near Houston
Dec. 31st to Jan. 6th – Tanglewood TX, near Dallas
Jan. 6th to Jan. 13th – tentatively Tanglewood TX, near Dallas
Jan. 13th to Jan. 20th – Katy TX, near Houston
Jan. 20th to Jan. 27th – San Antonio TX
Jan. 27th – Feb. 3rd – Not Booked Yet
Feb. 3rd to Feb. 10th – Holly Lake TX, near Canton
Feb. 10th to Feb. 17th – Lago Vista TX, north of Austin
Feb. 17th to Feb. 24th – Lake Conroe TX
Feb. 24th to Mar. 4th – 7 Landings at Lake Conroe TX
Mar. 5th to Mar. 12th – Galveston TX
Mar. 12th til Mar. 16th – not booked yet
Mar. 16th – Fly back to Indiana

October Newsletter 2016

October Newsletter 2016

Happy Halloween. Below are some tips to keep your shoplifters at bay. Just a reminder, we
will be closed for Thanksgiving. I will be in Texas Dec 8th to March 16th so if your shop is in
the Dallas, Houston or San Antonio area be sure to let us know if you would like a free tech
visit. Tech support during that time will be through my cell phone 812-201-5900.

Mary Fouts
–Mary Fouts
Tech Support
with over 25 years of experience
812-201-5900 cell
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Halloween Special Deals … prices so cheap it is scary!

Sensormatic Tag Specials
Actually these are too scary to print! Call
Susann for the awesome 58 kHz Sensormatic frequency tags that we have on closeout now through Nov. 10th. Happy Halloween

Buy 2 Magnetic Removers and get a 3nd one for 1 cent
Yes buy two of our magnetic removers and get a third one for just 1 penny! Hurry because this is a trick or treat special only lasts Now through Nov. 10th.

Shoplifter Tricks through the Holidays
One of the things to be particularly aware of for the holidays is shoplifters carrying bags in from other stores. There are a lot of holiday shoppers laden with bags from other stores this time of year, and it is the perfect place to put items from your store without paying for them. Click here to see a video of what can happen.

Here are a couple of ideas on how to handle this problem:

1.Have a frisker (hand held wand that rings your tags) on hand to be able to wand the customer or the customer’s bag if they should ring the system. Never accuse the customer as it may even be the other store that did not deactivate an item that is in their bag. Just say, ok we know it is something in the bag causing you to ring the system, let us help you find it so it does not go off in all the stores you go into. Just step over to the counter and let us check through your bag. Remove the items and frisk them… do not just deactivate… find the exact item because it may be your product. Once located, determine if it has your tags and if it is your product or not. If not yours then by all means deactivate it. If your product, say something like, oh perhaps you meant to bring this to the cash register and forgot… we can ring that up for you if you do want to purchase it. To which they usually either pay for it or say, I don’t know how that got in there and no I do not want it… and leave very quickly. Now you know who they are and they will not try that

2. To help deter from this kind of shoplifting you can instill a policy for the holidays of a free bag check service. Your signage could say something like, Free Bag Check: Please bring your merchandise bags, backpacks, etc to the checkout counter to make your shopping experience more enjoyable. Get some of the tear off tickets with a number on both sides from an office supply store. Give the customer a ticket for their bags and put the other side of the numbered tag with their bags behind the counter. Have an employee greet them at the door and offer to help them with their bags to put them in bag storage so they can shop more comfortably. Keep it fun, maybe offer them a piece of candy when they check their bag… trick or treat or a holiday mint. The roll of tickets and a big bag of candy will cost you less than just one item that is stolen. If you do not have a frisker, we carry those for $150

Why is my system false alarming?
This is a beautiful installation with baseplates and clear towers. The trick to a system not falsing is to:
1. keep tagged items at least 3 to 4 feet away from it.
2. keep the power supply at least 3 feet away.
3. all excess cords must be tied up like a dog bone (zip tied in middle and on both ends).
4. no heavy metal items within 3 ft of the system (ie bubble gum machines, fixtures, etc).
5. no extention cords or power strips can be used with this system.
6. best if on a dedicated circuit. know what else is on the line with the towers.
7. allow 18 to 24 inches between the metal door frame and the tower.

This is a side shot of the same clear towers. They almost disappear in the store because you can see right through them into the store. Note the clear plexi sheet this store used to keep people from going around the tower.

Tagging Challenges for the Holidays

Many of our customers are trying to tag more difficult items during the holidays such as, silk blouses, metallic glittery purses, fine fabric spaghetti strapped gowns or tops. Here are some ideas for this: Silk blouses can be tagged either with a paper disposable label or a mini pencil tag withlanyard attached through a button hole or around a design on the item such as a trim piece that is attached (strap trim on shoulder or at waist) Note the picture shows one of our newer styles with the heavy duty lanyard that is almost impossible to cut.

Metallic Purses must be tagged on the outside not the inside. You can use a plastic tag with a lanyard around the handle. Some that have a loose weave in the fabric can be pinned with a hard tag right through the fabric but the tag must be on the outside of the purse for this to work. Keep in mind shinny sparkly items sometimes have a zipper that you can pin a tag through. Just ask for 19 mm pins instead of 16 mm pins just for this.

Spaghetti strapped gowns you can use a p clamp (see below) and a hard tag around the spaghetti strap. If the gown is not metallic you can also use a paper disposable label. Maybe try some of our stronger 1 ½” super-labels checkpoint frequency 8.2 MHz that replaces the larger 2″ label.

Susann Shanks

Susann Shanks


Security Specialist

with over 25 years of experience


Jewelry tags with lanyards

These versatile small tags with lanyards can be used not only for jewelry but some eyeglasses across the nose piece or fine delicate fabrics with the lanyard woven through open holes on coarse woven scarves or through button holes.

P clamps attach tags to
spagetti straps easily.

An easy way to tag something that is not able to be pinned is to use a p clamp with your own tags. Great for looping through the tops of boots, or spagetti straps on gowns or around handles on purses.

Pin lanyards loop around

Some delicate fabrics can be secured by looping the lanyard through a button hole or decoration on the garment using your usual tags.